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If you have more than our new, sub-replacement U.S. fertility rate of 1.88 children, you’ve undoubtedly heard them: Rude comments about your “large” family. Whether medical personnel continually ask you about sterilization at your medical check-ups, or fellow shoppers stare at your three children like the Duggars have just walked into the store, the non-suicidal segment of the U.S. population has to deal with inappropriate and off-putting words and behavior from those slowly contracepting themselves into extinction.

In fact, this social pressure has become so commonplace that – which can usually be depended upon to be reliably pro-abortion – has decided the breeder-shaming has gone too far. The website has compiled the 25 rudest things women hear when they announce that they are expecting again. Among them:

  • “With my last pregnancy, my boss told me I needed to have an abortion and get my tubes tied.”
  • “So who is getting fixed after this one, you or your husband?”
  • “Don’t you feel bad that you’re not going to pay as much attention to your daughter now?”
  • “Again?!”
  • “You are done after this … aren’t you?”
  • “Are you sure? I mean you just had a baby.”
  • “Don’t you know what rubbers are?”
  • “With all the forms of birth control out there, there is no reason why someone should be pregnant if they don’t wanna be.” Well duh lady … we wanted to be!
  • “My mother told my sister, ‘She’s just trying to get a reaction out of me.’”

Read the whole list here.

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