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(You may want to imagine me sitting cross-legged, maybe balding with a Fu-Manchu mustache sitting atop a misty mountain, spewing off little phrases of political wisdom for voters).

As many know, I don’t champion the big guys often. That is, unless the big guys champion themselves by running against the politically correct masses (I call them the Dumb-Blob).

When it comes to some of the big names I have voted for in the past, I felt like almost all were lacking in some way. Problem was they were so high in the polls, I had no choice but to choose the lesser wicked of these “evil ones” during those elections.

But make no mistake, I think this time, as conservatives; we have a great line-up to choose from. Any of these folks running, could hopscotch Barry to death!

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But I keep meeting people who have good moral values, better than average knowledge of the fiscal atrocities committed by the ‘Obama Ad-menstruation’, and yet say that they don’t like any of those stepping up to the plate for the GOP. They want their cake and want to eat it too.

Aside from what they think, I forecast Ben Carson, Donald Trump or even Ted Cruz, should be flicking their toenail clippings onto the Oval Office rug soon. If one of these is not, you can be assured that Princeton University was dead-on when changing the definition of the US of A to an Autocracy, rather than this dreamland Democracy (Alex Jones anyone??). Anyways…

Pre-requisite To Run

But possibly, just maybe, I could find a handful of less polished, less affluent men to put my trust in, to steer this American ship. But, to get into the race, you have to find yourself one million dollars to start. If you don’t have one million dollars, you’re sunk already, either because you will never get one million dollars in time to run, or because the one million dollars you have now acquired from “Joe’s-Interest-Group” has far-reaching, spore-like arms that keep dragging you back to the Mother Ship (almost suffocating you). You’ll never to be able to make a decision outright without financial sponsors spray-painting their logo onto your forehead.

I guess that’s why Trump has been able to speak so candidly; when all is said and done, he will owe no one!

There Are Limits

As much as our ‘perma-grin’, glossy-eyed Elementary School teachers told us, that we could do anything if we put our minds to it, the political aspiration is still dependant on a wallet full of cash and a membership to Club Snob (plaid pants not included).
I can’t express how much this bothers me.

But even if there were no cash requirements and no millions of presidential ‘wanna-be’ kooks (from Kenya) plugging up the process, I would probably still not vote for the little guy. I wouldn’t vote for the dude whose views on foreign policy, fiscal responsibility, heterosexual monogamy or God-breathed astronomy were identical to mine, if he weren’t a big wheeler.

My friends and foes alike, who are reading this column, I know you are shaking your heads like a horse shaking off flies, in repugnant disgust, (I can picture the bulging eyeballs, flaring nostrils, grinding teeth and bubbly spittle swinging from your lips) because you know that I am a man of principle and this seems hypocritical. But the little guy who does not show in the polls is a wasted vote. I might as well get half of what I want out of a candidate who I halfway like, rather than indirectly hand my vote to someone like Col. Sanders, right?
“The office of the President of the United States of America is not won on voting day.”

Yes, you must vote. You must make your way to the voting poll in your area. You must stand in line, take your dwarfed HB pencil and “X” the right candidate. But if this is all you have done in seeing this person get to DC to sump-pump all the crap that has been dumped into the public swimming pool by such an egotistical, maniacal, authoritarian, phony Marxist Utopian pushing Democrat: you may as well stay home!

I should hope, that after all this rubbish for the better part of the past decade, you are starting to see the importance of the political process.

Some of you have lost jobs.

Some of you have been forced to move.

Maybe lost your house?

Been forced to downsize?

Retirement is on hold?

Served your country and now been thrown in the trash like an old crumpled hamburger wrapper?

Hopefully now you see the importance of the process, which determines who leads this country.

Because folks, consider the first four years of the Obama disease a painful exercise in discipline from God…but realize the last four were a result of the apathy of the people.

Yes folks, the day you get to vote only truly sends ripples if you have been politically active before.

This means you get involved.

Join a party, if you may.

Write your candidates, tell them what you are hoping for. Ben Carson may or may not read your letter first hand, but someone in his party will. Enough correspondence on one particular subject will move a candidate’s focus to just that.
The homosexual community is rather small, but through their insistent attitude and annoying actions they have convinced an uneasy public to pronounce them mainstream. They make up maybe two percent of the overall population in the US.

Remember: Squeaky wheel gets the grease!

Forget the rules of political correctness, talk openly about politics and religion. Seek out the “gasps!” We are in a day when parties are not-so-neutral on major issues. This election is one where candidates are committing political suicide if they do not lean (I’m talking almost horizontally; like doing the Limbo) one-way or another. There is no longer any room for half-convictions or undecided itchy-polyester suit wearing “yes men” claiming to be conservative.

Liberal candidates have declared WWIII on anyone somehow even minutely connected to moral Conservatism. And that means all of us Christians are in the crosshairs. The Liberal Machine has made massively aggressive gains this past term. It has illegally placed its flag on many-a-hill that were one-time conservative grounds.

This should scare you.

This is twenty-four karat socialism, folks.

The line has been drawn in the sand and there is no hiding the issues that threaten the sovereignty of the fifty states.
But because the issues are now so out in the open, this means that from the beginning of the political process, you too, can find someone to truly love and support (awe!) till victory is ours! There are a number of conservative politicians (known and unknown) willing to fight for what is pure, if committed people back them on The Right.

Again, I must remind you: no political candidate is perfect. And voting for someone who maybe shares a bit more similar-a creed as you, but has not shown well in the polls, may split the vote, and take votes from a candidate who maybe was not your first choice, but was conservative nonetheless and showed competitively in the polls. What you and Royal Acres Bridge Club may have aided in, is indirectly given Comrade Bernie or Fraulein Clinton those votes. Once again, following the polls is as important as who you vote for.

Thought for the day:

If the Dems get in, it’s hammer-n-sickle tattoos for everyone!

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JG Smoothy
JG Smoothy is a musician and the writer of UNDERSTANDING THIS JESUS THING. He has one wonderful wife and three crazy children. JG is a pastor in Southern Alberta Canada and is in the middle of yet another book writing project.

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