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While Woolworths in Australia and other dhimmi businesses (such as Coke in America) are happy to celebrate Ramadan, we need to get our feet back down to earth about all this. This is not just another harmless holiday period like Christmas with lots of “peace on earth and good will toward men”.

Indeed, Woolworths and Coke would not even dare to explicitly celebrate Christmas, but the “festive season” or some such weasel-worded affair. Yet here the clueless dhimmis are actually asking us to celebrate something that no clear-thinking person should even contemplate supporting.

You see, contrary to the belief that Ramadan is a time when no jihad or fighting should take place, it is the exact opposite. This month is in fact the time where Allah grants military victories to his followers through jihad. It is known in Islamic history as a key period for jihad. It goes back to year one in fact. But don’t take my word for it. Consider the words of one Islamic website on this:

Jihad is the summit of Islam. Its virtue is countlessly high, as mentioned in many places of the Koran and Sunnah. The Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said: “Verily, there are one hundred degrees in Paradise which Allah has reserved for the fighters in His cause. The distance between every two degrees is like the distance between the sky and the Earth, so if you ask Allah for anything, ask Him for the Firdaus, for it is the last part of Paradise and the highest part of Paradise, and at its top there is the Throne of Beneficent, and from it gush forth the rivers of Paradise”. (al-Bukhari).

The month of Ramadan in the life of the Prophet (pbuh) and the righteous ancestors was a month of forthcoming. The greatest battles during the lifetime of the Prophet (pbuh) occurred in this blessed month, the month of jihad, zeal and enthusiasm. The first battle in the history of Islam was the battle of Badr. This event became a dividing line between the era of humiliation and weakness, and the beginning of the era of force and revival of the case of the Prophet (pbuh) and the believers. This day became a turning point in the spreading of the call of the Prophet (pbuh).

And there are plenty of other Islamic websites one can refer to here. Let me cite just one more. It says, in part, about this connection:

Rarely a month witnessed so many battles for fighting for the sake of Allah and the achievement of great conquests and victories of Islam like the month of Ramadan. Was that predestined to add more value to Ramadan other than being the month in which the Qur’an was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in order to establish a nation that fills the world with knowledge, enlightenment, and culture.

The month of Ramadan which witnessed the establishment of the Islamic nation was chosen by Allah to raise high the banners of Jihad to protect the nation that raises the banner of monotheism “La ilaha illa Allah (there is no deity but Allah).” This nation sums up the history of the divine calls since Adam, the father of mankind till Muhammad, the master of mankind, who sealed the messages of prophets and whose religion is the last one. Therefore, his followers were entrusted with protecting, disseminating, and making the religion of Allah superior by Jihad in the way of Allah which has no parallel among the acts of worship. The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) answered when a man asked him: “Direct me to an action that equals Jihad?” He said: I do not find any. then said: “If the Mujahid (one who fights in the way of Allah) goes for Jihad, can you enter your Masjid (mosque) to offer Salah frequently and fast without breaking your fast?”

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It continues:

Linking Jihad in general with Ramadan is a link between two close friend. Fasting of Ramadan contains no hypocrisy exactly as Jihad. The fasting of Ramadan contains forbearance to hardship exactly as Jihad needs patience for hardship. For this reason, fasting was a training for Jihad but it is one of the important factors in a prophet’s choice to the leaders of his army. It was reported that the Messenger (peace be upon him) sent a group of his Companions for a battle, but they differed and returned back before going to the battle. When the Prophet (peace be upon him) saw them, he became angry and said: “You went as a group but came back apart. By Allah, I will send a man who is not the best among you but he is more patient to hunger and more patient to thirsty.” Fasting and Jihad are correlated, so there is no wonder that Ramadan contains all these victories and battles which changed the course of history.

It then goes on to list various acts of jihad associated with Ramadan:

-The first Ramadan in 666 AH: King Al Zhahir seized Antioch and expelled Tatars.
-The tenth of Ramadan 1393 AH: Crossing the Suez Canal, destroying the Bar-Lev Line, and eliminating the myth of the Israeli army which was unbeatable.
-11 Ramadan 880 AH: Muhammad Al Fatih gained victory and subjugated the Tatars in the Crimean peninsula to the rule of the Ottomans.
-11 Ramadan 1126 AH: Ottomans retook Archipelago of the Aegean Sea.
-14 Ramadan 1218 AH: The eruption of a demonstration from inside Al Azhar Mosque against the French occupation.
-16 Ramadan 4 years before Hijrah: `Umar ibn Al Khattab announced the necessity of declaring the Islamic call.
-17 Ramadan 2 AH: The great battle of Badr.
-19 Ramadan 939 AH: The Turkish Sultan, Sulayman Al Qanuny besieged (Vienna) the capital of Austria.
-22 Ramadan 2 AH: The Prophet’s invasion to Banu Sulaym as a response to their conspiracy with his enemy in the time of adversity and war.
-22 Ramadan 1251 AH: The hero `Abdul-Rahman Al Jaza’iry led the war against the French.
-25 Ramadan 658 AH: The Battle of Ain Goliath which stopped the advance of the Mongols in the East.
-28 Ramadan 1303 AH: Al Mahdi army defeated the British occupation army and Al Mahdi settled down in Sudan.

And so how is all this working out today? Well, it seems the pattern established by Muhammad and carried out by his followers over the centuries is still alive and well today. As but one example, consider the words of a Ramadan communique just released by the military arm of Fatah:

We call upon you to intensify your Jihad attacks against the enemy wherever it may be throughout the beloved homeland… Oh, our people… swear to continue to be loyal always to the blood of the martyrs, to bear a blessing in this tremendous month of Ramadan, the month of victories. Our martyrdom operations and operations of quality will continue.

One US-based site has a “Ramadan Bombathon 2014 Scorecard” to keep us up to date with all this. As of day four of Ramadan we find there have been 24 terror attacks at the hands of Muslims, with 183 dead and 323 wounded. And that is just day four – we have a whole month of this to endure!

This helpful site has also been following the religion of peace since the September 11 terrorist attacks. Just in case you are wondering, there have been 23,300 such deadly Islamic attacks since then. In May for example there were 233 jihad attacks in 26 countries, resulting in 1883 deaths and 2137 critical injuries.

So given the very real connection between Ramadan and jihad, blood-letting and death, it is utterly bizarre to see groups like Woolworths and Coke actually celebrating this gruesome month. This is called creeping sharia, and groups like Woolworths and Coke are tragic examples of dhimmitude in action.


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