Radical Dem Senator Denies Reality

I wonder when the American Psychiatric Association will declare a real mental disorder known as political un-reality.

If they did, half or more of the Democrats in Congress would be institutionalized with this real and pervasive disorder.

Among those first in line, behind Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters would be Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA)

In preparation for President Donald Trump’s address to the nation concerning the border wall, Harris says that is no border crisis emergency and that Trump is creating it just push his desire to build a border, just to keep immigrants out of the country.

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Wayne Dupree – Kamala Harris — Border Crisis Emergency Is Trump’s Creation; Simply Not True – Have you noticed that all of the Democrat leaders including the opposition media are fighting hard against Pres. Trump address of the American public?

Pres. Trump is scheduled to address the American public on Tuesday night in primetime to discuss the crisis at the border with illegals trying to cross over unvetted and unchecked under the asylum excuse. Democrats have been trying to hide this by claiming that Trump and the Republicans are against immigration, but they won’t address these lawbreakers.

Sen. Kamala Harris is possibly running for President in 2020 in a filled up Democratic field. She has no chance, but she’s doing it anyway. Call it ego, call it trying to get money quick but don’t call it patriotic. The California Senator thinks speaking out against Trump will help her chances…

If Harris says there is no border crisis, then I DEMAND that she travel along the border by herself and talk to many of those who live on this side of the border.

I have friends who do live along the border and they live with guns and guard dogs.

They send their wives and kids to live with relatives further north, just to keep them out of harms way.

Obama refused to visit the border when he kept saying there was no problem and I bet Harris is the same.



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