Race, Bush, Anti-Americanism Just Don’t Work Anymore, Obama

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Obama’s attacks and sea of words aimed at non-Obama worshipers are not yielding the results they once did. His “Communist transformation gun” is now shooting plastic bee bees and not the elephant bullets he once fired at us. America, in our Obama emergency room, has been forced to watch and listen to the endless criminal lies of Fast and Furious, the Benghazi murders, IRS crimes, cover ups and lies, and NSA cover ups and lies.  We have watched illegal wars and endless executive actions moving around Congress, Obamacare horrors, BLM nightmares, and now he threatens another executive action the size of Godzilla and King Kong against the people of America.

Obama is saying that with an executive order (because he hates Congress and the law you know) he will give amnesty to at least 5 million of the illegal alien mystery people who have been invited, funded and are flowing throughout the country. This week I interviewed Constitutional attorney Michael Connelly, head of the U.S. Justice Foundation (www.usjf.net) about impeachment efforts and the latest with Obama.

Connelly strongly believes that his proposed move for amnesty will crush Obama and the Democrat brand. He pointed out that over 77% of the people want and demand the illegal “children” be shipped home. It appears that the “word master” Obama has invented a new definition for children.  These “children” are defined up to age 23 that get free housing, food, travel on planes and buses and as icing on the cake, they even get an allowance. Don’t forget the folks recruited to care for the foreign-invited gang bangers, criminals and druggies get paid money every day for caring for them.

Obama has literally been sending busloads and planeloads of foreign, disease infested criminals throughout America and has always intended to keep them here. The ploy, other than to hurt, sicken and destroy Americans, has been to set up the Conservatives and GOP to look like bullies and racist thugs who hate Mexicans and poor people if they dare stand up against his unconstitutional overreach and amnesty “Executive Order.” He thinks he can mobilize his progressive, liberal base to run to the polls in the 2014 elections and control the House and Senate.  WRONG.

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Instead, this latest move may just be the undoing of Obama. Instead of the GOP and Americans swirling down the toilet bowl screaming as the stinky bubbles fly by, Obama and his transformational agenda are the swirling ones. I predict that if Obama pulls this ‘amnesty’ scheme this time he will only help the conservatives take even more seats than they already will in the Senate and seal his impending doom.

When I asked Michael Connelly about impeachment efforts against Obama, he strongly feels that Congress must proceed with impeachment. Regarding the ‘timing’ concerns…it won’t be concluded anyway until after the 2014 election cycle, but it must be voted on and passed by the House soon after the 2014 election to stop Obama’s ‘executive order’ overreach plans to complete his plan of destruction for America. Investigations, subpoena power and threats of prison must fly to everyone in the Obama daisy chain of cover-ups and lies. God will not be mocked, nor will the American people much longer. Hold on to your hats. The American tornado is flying strong and it is on its way to the White House.

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Dr. Laurie Roth
Dr. Laurie Roth hosts a popular and growing national radio talk show called The Roth Show. It airs from 7-10pm PAC Mon-Friday www.therothshow.com. She is known as ‘The Annie Oakley of the Airwaves’ a name given her by her listeners and is also a regularly published commentator and speaker at conservative conferences. In 2010 Laurie was nominated for the Ronald Reagan Award by CPAC for breaking a national story on Obama and his many connections with William Ayers.

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