Putin Loves Hillary!

Some conservatives, panicked after recent headlines on Donald Trump appealing for Russia to reveal Hillary Clinton’s crimes are dishonestly accusing that “Putin loves Hillary” because of information that the Russian President Vladimir Putin had dealings with Hillary.


To prove their point, they post pictures of Putin and Hillary together, as if a picture of a smiling Ronald Reagan with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev were enough evidence that both were allies. Actually the pictures were taken when Hillary was U.S. State Secretary and, whether such secretary is Democrat (socialist) or Republican (conservative), chiefs of state, including of Russia, have to welcome him.

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Putin, as all the other rulers, makes business with anyone, even with Trump, who has companies that have business in Russia.

If they followed the logic of anti-Russian activists all the conservative media should also publish headlines “Putin loves Trump,” because Trump has business in Russia and also because Putin openly praises Trump and vice versa.

In fact, one can also accuse that “Trump loves Hillary” because the Trump family and the Clinton family have a decades-old friendship and there are records of Trump often supporting Hillary. And if anti-Russia activists love so much pictures to prove their points, there is no lack of pictures of a smiling Trump with Bill and Hillary Clinton. For this reason, if anti-Russia activists have ethics to say that “Putin loves Hillary” they should have the same ethics to say: “Trump loves Hillary.”

This has nothing to do with ideological differences, but merely love of money. Anti-Russia activists seem not to have enough grey matter to understand it or they have more than enough dishonesty to reject reality.

While these activists live and make a livelihood of a passion for dreams and nightmares of the long-gone the Cold War years, the richly recorded history of Trump shows that he is not moved by ideology, but solely by business interests.

While Obama and his leftist administration launch boycott after boycott against Russia after Russians passed a law banning homosexual propaganda to children and teens, Trump has been, in an astonishing contrast, making positive gestures toward Russia.

If anti-Russia activists are so serious about their obsessions against Russia, the right idol for them is the Muslim Kenyan launching boycotts against Russia, not the business candidate waving friendly to Putin. Those many waves are a remarkable contrast with the sullen faces of these activists and with the sullen face Obama shows in his pictures with Putin.

If an obsession against Russia is the most important thing for these activists, then it is obvious that at heart “they love Obama.” Following Obama’s line, Hillary promises to keep the U.S. policy of imposing the homosexual agenda on the whole world and also to keep boycotts against Russia. More anti-Russian than this, impossible. How to deny that actually Hillary is the ideal candidate for anti-Russia activists?

While in a Trump administration these activists would need to sweat very much to convince Trump to boycott Russia, in a Hillary administration such sweat and sacrifices would be unnecessary. Hillary is going to keep the Obama’s anti-Russia boycott policy.

Different from Obama, who is alienating Russia and demonstrating a deep friendship with the Vatican, Trump is doing the reverse: alienating the Vatican and demonstrating publicly a wish of partnership and friendship with Russia.

Trump has openly called Pope Francis a “shame,” a derogative term he has never used for Putin.

The answer from U.S. Catholic constituents has been to boycott candidate Trump. Catholic author Christopher J. Hale wrote a forceful essay in Time magazine titled “Trump-Pence is the Most Anti-Catholic Republican Ticket in Modern History.”

Most American Catholics are with Hillary, whether because she supports boycotts against Russia or because she promotes the homosexual agenda around the world or any other reason. Even though it is very suspicious and dishonest to say that “Putin loves Hillary,” it is perfectly understandable to say that “most American Catholics love Hillary.”

Most anti-Russia activists are Catholics moved by a 1,000 year war between the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church. It is a religious hatred that today is masked as political and ideological hostility, because Russia is the largest Orthodox Christian nation in the world. Trump does not seem to care about this disguised millennial hatred

The case is serious. The fact is even as a joke anti-Russia activists would not accept an American asking help from Russia to defeat socialist Hillary. But Trump, who has no affinity with these activists and his hatreds, did it. And he has been being doing much more, despising the pope, praising Putin and putting as priority concern not an anti-Russia obsession, but the Islamic threat.

Portuguese version of this article: Putin ama Hillary!

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