Public Outrage at Macy’s Display of Lesbian Kiss During Thanksgiving Day Parade

For many years, hundreds of thousands of people line the streets of New York City, anxiously waiting to watch the famed Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Millions more people watch the parade on television, looking forward to seeing the floats, giant balloons and marching bands.

Sadly, over the past decade, the parade has become less of a parade and more of a Broadway show featuring a variety of acts.

This year, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade went too far, according to a growing number of Americans when they featured a lesbian kiss during one of the Broadway-type performances.

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The Olive Branch Report – Macy’s Lesbian Kiss Inflames Viewers – DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING: Macy’s Department Stores are now a showcase for perversion and disease. They sickly promoted homosexual acts as seen in the Thanksgiving Parade yesterday. It spotlighted an interracial lesbian couple’s deep throat kiss seen around the world. Remember, this parade is supposed to attract children and their families.

This was well planned since the TV cameras spent time showing that scene even though there was a full cast of the Broadway show, “The Prom,” that filled the street in front of the flagship store in New York City. So this camera shot was PLANNED well in advance to exhibit the ‘joys’ of lesbianism.

Yes, that TV camera had been scripted to feature the Lesbian couple. And why not? California schools, have now formed LGBTQ classes to teach about alternative sex, and part of the curriculum requires the viewing of homosexual porn films…yes in the classroom…as part of the Communist inspired government plans for the future of America. This is the Deep State we are hearing about.

So how do these tactics help the Communist Cause? The Reds know that perversion and pornography works to WEAKEN the nations where it exists…

It’s bad enough that a family finds it near impossible to spend the evening together watching television, like the parents did with their parents, without being bombarded with homosexual perversion.

Most television programs these days push homosexuality as if it is the norm and being straight is bigoted and intolerant.

The same holds true with many movies, the music industry and even some video games.

Worse yet, many of our public schools also push homosexuality as the norm and something to be experimented with.

Now Macy’s has shamefully joined the ranks of supporters of the perverted lifestyle that God declares to be an abomination.



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