Protest Over Gender Confused Teenage Boy Using Girls’ Facilities

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The disordered desires of a gender-confused teenage boy who wishes he were a girl have divided another community. On Monday, the efforts of this boy, who calls himself Lila Perry, to use the girls’ restrooms and locker room resulted in a protest of over 200 students at Hillsboro High School in Hillsboro, Missouri. What’s surprising is that most of the protesting students supported the privacy rights of girls. These students demonstrated more wisdom and courage than most adults in America.

Perry, who cross-dresses to school, is a sad victim of the deceitful manipulations of adult homosexual activists who will resort to any tactic to pervert the culture. Perry, deceived by stupid, exploitative comparisons of homosexuality to race, now compares gender confusion to race. In an interview, Perry compared girls who oppose sharing bathrooms and locker rooms with boys to bigoted whites who once opposed sharing bathrooms with blacks. While it’s easy to excuse the lousy reasoning of this confused and troubled young man, it’s not so easy to excuse the activists who, motivated by selfish desires and political expediency, advanced such stupid reasoning.

For the beguiled among us, here goes:  There exist no ontological differences between whites and blacks, and, therefore, white opposition to sharing locker rooms or restrooms was clearly motivated by racial bigotry. In contrast, there exist objective, substantive, and meaningful differences between males and females, which even homosexuals acknowledge when they claim they are romantically and erotically attracted only to their same sex, and which gender dysphoric people acknowledge when they insist on using only opposite sex restrooms and locker rooms.

Question for “trans-activists” and their ideological accomplices: If gender-dysphoric people should not have to use locker rooms and restrooms with those whose “gender identity” they don’t share, then why should “cisgender” people (i.e., non-dysphoric people, also known as normal people*) be compelled to use restrooms and locker rooms with those whose objective sex they don’t share?

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Hillsboro High and every other high school, middle school, and elementary school should preemptively establish policy that makes clear that restrooms and locker rooms correspond to objective, immutable sex—not desires about objective, immutable biological sex.

School boards and administrators claim to respect diversity while scrambling fearfully among the thorny, incoherent, irrational ideological weeds sown by sexuality liars and promoted by the National Education Association; the Southern Poverty Law Center’s educational arm “Teaching Tolerance”; the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network; and “progressive” teachers who view themselves as “agents of change.” Well, in the service of respecting diversity, here are some sound ideas worthy of deep respect and accommodation:

  • The belief that biological sex is objective and immutable is inarguable. Even the Left agrees with that statement. Such a belief deserves respect.
  • The belief that males and females are inherently different deserves respect.
  • The belief that maleness and femaleness are inextricably linked to objective, immutable biological sex deserves respect.
  • The belief that objective, immutable biological sex has profound meaning deserves respect.
  • The belief that objective, immutable biological sex is good deserves respect.
  • The belief that modesty regarding the bodily manifestation of objective, immutable, biological sex is profoundly important deserves respect.
  • The belief that if there is misalignment between a healthy body and desires, the error rests in the desires deserves respect.
  • The belief that cross-dressing, cross-sex hormone doping, and bodily mutilation undermines truth and human flourishing deserves respect.
  • The belief that it is fitting that language-users have a way to identify objective, immutable biological sex deserves respect.
  • The belief that pronouns should continue to correspond to objective, immutable biological sex deserves respect.

Another remarkable aspect to this story is that those who are committed to reporting facts—that is to say, news reporters—have caved completely to the doctrinaire and imperious commands of aberrancy activists who demand that even grammar be transmogrified in accordance with deviant desires. Every reporter now uses cross-sex pronouns which correspond not to fact but to subjective desire.

One’s sex cannot change, which is a fact with which even leftists agree. Bruce Jenner is not now, nor ever has been, nor ever will be a woman. He can pretend and with enough money the mask and costume he wears to the cultural masquerade may become increasingly convincing. But to aid and abet his delusional desires, he needs to eliminate all glimmers of truth. He needs everyone to affirm his mock female beauty, his outlandish sartorial choices, and his moniker “Caitlyn.” He needs to use women’s restrooms, locker rooms, and dressing rooms. He needs to mutilate his male body. And he needs our grammar changed.

Every intentional use of the correct pronouns or even clumsy slips of the tongue from disciples of deviance on whose hearts the truth is written mark a painful encounter with the immutable truth that Bruce Jenner is a fearfully and wonderfully-made man. If love were to win, Bruce Jenner and Lila Perry would affirm as good the bodies God gave them and resist the father of lies who confuses.

Since the imperious demands of “LGBTQQIAP” activists—which are  untethered from reality and rationality—are becoming increasingly ubiquitous, schools should also establish policy affirming the historical use of pronouns: Pronouns correspond to objective, immutable biological sex.

We can either continue rationalizing our accommodation of the incremental changes sexual deviants demand, or we can establish a red line over which we will not step. So far, conservatives have been unwilling to establish and hold that line. And so incrementalism in the service of pagan sexuality wins, and true love loses—big time.

*I am using “normal” in the sense of “conforming, adhering to, or constituting a typical type,” and “free from physical or emotional disorder.”

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Laurie Higgins
Laurie Higgins has worked as the Cultural Analyst for the Illinois Family Institute ( since the fall of 2008. Prior to that, she worked full-time in the writing center of a suburban Chicago high school, where all four of her children attended. She is currently working on bulking up her stick arms by dead-lifting her five grandchildren--one at a time, of course.

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