Prophetic Warning Ignored and Now Boy Scouts to Declare Bankruptcy

The Wall Street Journal broke the news that the Boy Scouts of America is preparing to declare bankruptcy.

Decisions made by their leadership compromising standards and values in place for over 100 years have backfired and now blown up in their face.

The tragedy is not only the message sent through their caving to aggressive LGBTQ activists but  the effect its had on families and boys throughout America who withdrew in sadness and confusion.

First the organization decided to disregard a century of wholesome values and open the floodgates to gays and transgenders. Then they followed with the same direction in opening the doors to gay and transgender leaders.

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Finally and unbelievably, they said let’s welcome girls to be a part and when they did the Girl Scouts USA were up in arms and even began a legal battle.

Initially, there was a trickle of withdrawals but that led to even more and more and more. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints removed tens of thousands of boys and their dads.

Many Catholics followed suit.

Prophetic warnings given through and other sources went unheeded. Now the catastrophic consequences have surfaced but the creative alternative that arose like a phoenix out of the ashes should be honored and embraced by multitudes.

Watch this three minute video that continues to help us be biblically informed and hopeful for the future of our boys and families.

EDITOR’S NOTE – I left scouting when I was an Explorer Scout and only three merit badges shy of achieving the coveted rank of Eagle Scout.

I left because the Post leader got drunk and tried to sexually molest myself and two other scouts while on an outing.

We got our justice when we informed police and then led a sting that led to his arrest, conviction and sentencing to jail time.

Back then, in the 1960s, that kind of behavior was not accepted by Boy Scouts of America nor was it acceptable to Christians or to law enforcement.

When the Boy Scouts of America opted to allow homosexual boys and then leaders into what once was a Christian based organization, I knew, from my experience and from how society had fallen that it would only be time before the Boy Scouts would be facing sexual misconduct and assault allegations involving minors.

Then when Boy Scouts opted to all girls into the organizations, I knew it would lead to even more sexual misconduct and assault allegations and so it has.

Boy Scouts meant so much to me, my brothers and my parents who were both involved in leadership roles, but seeing them abandon their Christian foundations for the perverted ways of the secular and hedonistic world, I truly hope the organization does go bankrupt and fades into history and obscurity.

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