Propaganda Poolside

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McKinney Texas, and now Fairfield, Ohio — black teens involved in behaviors leading to police intervention, and accusations of police brutality driven by racism.

These incidents are set ups, propaganda poolside.

From Trayvon forward, when people realized the media would take any video and make hay, the game was on, and so it has proceeded for 18 months.

The more these activists play to the media, and the more law enforcement backs off, the more mayhem occurs, and the more government entitlements flow.

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There is also the political benefit of electing more activists to discriminate against traditional, law-abiding citizens, and force a race war to further the cause of ‘fundamental transformation,’ which of course means the establishment of dictatorship.

If these kids think the police are mistreating them now, just wait until the fist of dictatorship comes down on everyone.  On that day they’ll realize they’ve been totally duped, used as pawns.

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