Propaganda Behind Support for ‘Sodomy-Based Marriage’, Says Pro-Family Advocate

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By Charlie Butts – OneNewsNOw

A recent poll suggests half of Americans believe homosexuals have a constitutional right to marry each other, an opinion that one pro-family advocate blames on effective propaganda.

“The leftists’ propaganda is working,” Matt Barber, vice president of Liberty Counsel Action, says of the Washington Post-ABC News poll published this week.

In the poll, 50 percent said the U.S. Constitution gives homosexuals the right to marry under its guarantee of equal protection. Forty-one percent said it did not.

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The poll also found a supposed record high of respondents, 59 percent, said they support same-sex marriage.

“The media and the entertainment industries are changing public opinion rather than reflecting public opinion, as you would expect and hope that they would,” Barber suggests.

Because of the propaganda, he adds, “people don’t scratch beneath the surface, don’t understand the facts and are easily swayed,” when the propaganda is overwhelmingly on one side of an issue.

Barber calls it remarkable that half of those surveyed believe there is a constitutional right to same-gender marriage. America’s founders would be shocked at that attitude, he says.

Barber tells OneNewsNow: “To say that they could have even conceptualized same-sex marriage, much less imagine that there was some kind of constitutional right for sodomy-based marriage, is the ridiculous assertion to radically deconstruct and redefine the institution of marriage.”

Barber points out if there is such a right, then there is also a right to incestuous marriage, polygamy, and marriage between an adult and a child .

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