Professor Suspended for Recommending Foreign Student Learn English

Over the years, I’ve known students who have traveled to other countries to study abroad.

In the vast majority of instances, the American students had to learn the language of the country they were studying in.

One friend traveled and studied in France and was forced to learn French.

Another studied in Japan and although many spoke English, the classes were in Japanese, so she had to learn Japanese.

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It only makes sense for a college professor here in the US to recommend that a student from a foreign country learn to speak English, but it today’s liberal America, the professor ends up being suspended.

Judicial Watch – Public University Suspends Prof. for Advising Foreign Student to Learn English – In a bothersome case of political correctness gone amok, a professor at a highly ranked public university in the United States has been suspended for suggesting a foreign student “learn English.” The egregious incident occurred this month at the University of Kansas (UK), a taxpayer-funded institution with an enrollment of 28,500 that ranks among the nation’s top public universities. Situated in the northeast Kansas town of Lawrence, the school is the state’s flagship university and a premier research institution.

The “offending” professor, Gary Minden, teaches electrical engineering and computer science in the highly regarded school of engineering. Minden, an acclaimed academic, is a UK alum who received undergraduate and doctorate degrees in electrical engineering at the school. In the 1990s he served as information technology program manager at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), a Pentagon agency with a $3 billion budget dedicated to developing technologies for the military. “DARPA goes to great lengths to identify, recruit and support excellent program managers—extraordinary individuals who are at the top of their fields and are hungry for the opportunity to push the limits of their disciplines,” according to the agency’s website. “These leaders, who are at the very heart of DARPA’s history of success, come from academia, industry and government agencies for limited stints, generally three to five years.” …

Growing up in Arizona, I knew some Hispanic students who were from families that had been here in the United States for 3 generations, but they could barely speak English.

Virtually everything official in Arizona was printed in English and Spanish at a huge cots to taxpayers.

One year, an English only proposition was put before the voters in Arizona and it passed by a huge margin.

Then 1 lone liberal judge ruled that the proposition was unconstitutional, so one judge over ruled the majority of voters.

I’ve also seen American high school students punished for wearing American flag shirts to school because it offended Hispanic students.



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