Pro-Life Coalition Prepared to Take Action Against Houston District Attorney

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Rev. Patrick Mahoney and other pro-life activists will give Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson “three weeks” to drop the charges against indicted pro-life activists before they take legal action against her.

David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt face mounting legal problems for their involvement in exposing Planned Parenthood’s trafficking of human body parts.

Yesterday Mahoney and other pro-life activists presented over 110,000 signatures from petitioners to District Attorney Anderson demanding that she drop the charges against the indicted Center for Medical Progress (CMP) journalists.

One of the charges, a felony for creating fake identification, could land Daleiden in prison for 20 years.
Mahoney told CBN News if Anderson does not stop targeting Daleiden and Merritt, he and a coalition of Pro-life activists will begin a series of actions against her.

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“Our first step will be to file some ethics complaints,” Mahoney said.

Anderson has a close relationship with Chip Lewis, the attorney for the largest late term abortion provider in the Houston area. Lewis donated over $25,000 to Anderson’s campaign for district attorney, raising serious ethical concerns in the case.

If the charges are not dropped Mahoney says he and other pro-life leaders will go back to Houston in two months to “set up a mechanism” to have her replaced.

District Attorney Anderson is up for re-election this November. If she does not drop the charges against Daleiden and Merritt, Mahoney said he will work “to see that she is defeated in 2016.”

Mahoney said this would not be the first time he has targeted legal authorities for actions he calls “unjust.”

Mahoney led a campaign to replace Texas State District Court Judge Eileen O’Neill.  She issued a restraining order in 1992 against pro-life activists at the request of Planned Parenthood. The injunction prohibited pro-life protesters from coming within 100 feet of an abortion clinic’s doors and within 25 feet of anyone leaving or entering the clinic.

Judge O’Neill sentenced Mahoney to six months in prison for violating the injunction by praying outside of a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. Angered by her actions, Mahoney lead a campaign for Judge John Devine to defeat O’Neill in a 1994 election. His efforts were successful and Judge John Devine now sits on the Texas Supreme Court.

Mahoney warns that if Anderson continues to target Daleiden and Merritt, she will face the same opposition.

“We will do everything we can in our power to ensure that Houston has a new district attorney who respects justice, that jails criminals and not citizens. You may say that this is an uphill task but it’s no more an uphill task than defeating Eileen O’Neill,” Mahoney said.

David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt are scheduled to proceed with their case in court next month. Meanwhile, Mahoney urges Christians to pray that God would “strengthen them and encourage them.”

He also asks Christians to pray for District Attorney Anderson to “do the right thing and not proceed forward with these unjust indictments.” If Anderson proceeds with the case, Mahoney asks for prayer “that Harris County will have a district attorney that will respect and honor the law come this November.”

Report via CBN News

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