Pro-Family Warmongers, Pro-Sodomy Neocons, Pro-Sodomy Non-Neocons: Which Are Worse for Christians?

I was watching Franklin Graham, son of the evangelist Billy Graham, on the left-wing CNN, wisely answering questions as the host, Carol Costello, pressed him to condemn Russian intervention in Syria. For Ms. Costello, this intervention was responsible for massacres, but she never mentioned that Russia was fighting Muslim rebels funded, trained and armed by the Obama administration.

Costello never mentioned that before the Russian intervention, these rebels were torturing, raping and slaughtering Christians. She never mentioned that the real objective of the Obama intervention in Syria, especially through the U.S. State Secretary Hillary Clinton, was never to fight ISIS, but help rebels to overthrow the Syrian President Assad, who is supported by Russia.

Despite the psychological pressure brought to bear by CNN’s Carol Costello, Graham did not condemn Russia.

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The fact is, with Hillary, the U.S. State Department was a war machine making wars against Christians in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, etc. There is evidence that the State Secretary Clinton created and armed ISIS, which slaughtered thousands of Christians. The U.S. created a terrible mess in Iraq, in Libya, in Afghanistan and in Syria.

Also, while Muslims have represented a clear majority of immigrants being welcome and relocated in the U.S. by the State Department, Christians victims account for less than 5 per cent.

Other war fomented by the Obama State Department was the culture war on behalf of the homosexual agenda. It funded and trained homosexual activists around the world. It actively and peremptorily promoted their interests, including by naming the first global envoy for the homosexual agenda.

Hillary was a pro-sodomy neocon at the State Department.

What should be expected from a Trump State Secretary? Firstly, consistency with his discourse in the campaign confronting neocons, known for their partnerships with Islamic terror against Russia, and for their openness to Islamic, not Christian, immigrants.

When Trump was considering Mitt Romney for State Secretary, it was hard not to think that the spirit of Hillary would not be continuing her mission through him, because under former Governor Romney Massachusetts was the first U.S. state to legalize homosexual “marriage.” Besides, he wanted to confront Russia in Syria and Ukraine, just as Obama was doing and just as Hillary wanted to do in her dream of a presidency.

Then Trump chose Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon Mobil, for State Secretary. Tillerson has a history of good relations with Putin and Russia, but not with ISIS. And he does not seem to want wars, but good relations. This is very good sign.

Different from Hillary, who was killing Christians in Syria through Muslim rebels and ISIS and in Iraq through ISIS, Tillerson seems to understand that there is no point in supporting such unfair war and chastise Russia for its pro-Christian involvement.

Different from Hillary and Obama, hopefully Tillerson may understand that persecuted Christians, not Muslims, should be given priority for immigration.

Yet, there is a concern. Tillerson was a board member of Boy Scouts and approved its infamous decision to allow gay scout leaders. This equals him to Hillary.

However, what if Trump chose Ted Cruz? Cruz’s pro-family and pro-Israel stances are excellent. In foreign policy, he would not use the State Department to promote the homosexual agenda. But regarding Russia, he and neocons like Marco Rubio equal to Hillary: Cruz wanted a confrontation with Russia in Syria and Ukraine over Crimea, a region traditionally Russian for hundreds of years and which Russia has repossessed in 2014. His policy would be a continuation of the Hillary policy.

So, all the choices are hard. Yet, while Hillary and the Obama administration mocked and antagonized the Russian law banning homosexual propaganda to children and eventually imposed sanctions against Russia by using as an excuse the Crimea repossession, Tillerson has spoken out against such sanctions.

If he were so fixated on the gay agenda as Obama and Hillary are, he would probably speak out on behalf of such sanctions.

How to assess the differences? Christians like Ted Cruz are very good in defending life and family. They deserve to be commended for their pro-family efforts. But their neocon efforts to fight Russia while Russia fights ISIS and helps Christians in the Middle East put them on par with Hillary, whose anti-Russian policies were anti-Christian and pro-ISIS and pro-Islamic rebels.

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and others are pro-family warmongers. Christians persecuted by Muslims in Syria and other nations would barely have some hope of being helped by their policies, and their pro-family views would be helpful only to pro-family Christians outside of zones of Islamic wars.

Romney would be a continuation of Hillary, with no benefit to pro-family Christians in the U.S. and Christians persecuted by Muslims in other nations.

Tillerson does not seem to be a warmonger. He has no history of wars, but of friendships and deals. This is real change, because the State Department has had too many warmongers for too long.

Tillerson would be perfect if he were a pro-family Christian against the gay agenda — as Ted Cruz would prefect if he were not warmonger and confrontational in a time Russia is looking for peace and partnership against the Islamic terror. Russia has the exact wish Trump showed in his campaign.

In fact, Trump said last week that only stupid people fools would see good ties with Russia as bad. This is in consistency with his campaign and with the history of Tillerson.

If Tillerson were a homosexualist militant, there would be a confrontation between him and Putin, because while he approved gay scout masters to teach homosexual propaganda to children, Putin has approved a ban against such propaganda.

As Trump, Tillerson is open to the gay agenda, but both, different from Hillary and Obama, are open to dialogue.

Yet, when assessing between pro-family warmongers, pro-sodomy neocons and pro-sodomy neon-neocons, what is important? The lives of Christians persecuted by Muslims in Syria are as important as the lives of unborn babies defended by good pro-family Christians.

Any State Secretary willing to support the Russian efforts, or at least not interfere negatively as Obama and Hillary did, in Syria is helping save lives, especially Christians victimized by ISIS. In this respect, Tillerson seems to be the only hope for the State Department to stop its pro-Islamic meddling against Christians in Syria.

I hope to be right: Tillerson does not seem a neocon.

Portuguese version of this article: Belicistas pró-família, neocons pró-sodomia e não-neocons pró-sodomia: o que é pior para os cristãos?

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