President of Interpol Reportedly Disappeared Upon Arrival in China

The International Criminal Police Organization is better known as Interpol.

Interpol focuses on international crimes against humanity, cybercrimes, child pornography, drug trafficking, genocide human trafficking, money laundering, trafficking in stolen artwork, gems and jewelry and so much more.

The current President of Interpol is Meng Hongwei, a native of China.

On September 29, Meng arrived in China for a visit to his homeland.

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Some reports indicate that Meng was immediately taken into custody by Chinese authorities and he has not been seen or heard from since.

Meng’s wife, living in France where Interpol is headquartered, reported her husband’s disappearance, prompting French authorities to begin looking into his disappearance.

(National Public Radio) – Interpol President Meng Hongwei has been reported missing after leaving France for a trip to his native China, triggering a police investigation and search for the official, who hasn’t been seen since Sept. 29.

Meng’s whereabouts are unknown. But the South China Morning Post, citing an anonymous source, reports that he was “taken away” by Chinese authorities immediately after he arrived in China. No reason was given for any potential investigation into the official.

Police in Lyon, France — where Interpol is based — were alerted to Meng’s seeming disappearance by his wife, who said she became worried when he fell out of touch after leaving for a trip to China, according to Le Parisien. His wife and children live in Lyon, reports Europe 1

Officials at Interpol say they are aware of the reports and that at the moment, it is a matter for authorities from France and China to look into.

Over the years, China has reportedly used Interpol to attest dissidents, leading many to question the selection of Meng to the top position.

It’s not know if Meng has cooperated with the Chinese government in trying to persecute all dissidents or if he has opposed his country’s oppression of anyone who speaks out against the government.

Some are wondering if Meng’s lack of cooperation with the Chinese government is the reason why he was reported whisked away and has not communicated with anyone since, including his wife.



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