Power to The People, the Politicians, or Seek the Power of God?

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The enemies of liberty marshaled their forces to destroy this Republic soon after Karl Marx declared war on capitalism and private property in 1848. So long as the central government owns and controls capital, the means of production, and most property, liberty suffers and eventually dies.  The various efforts in different places for decades to institute Marxism have proven the truth of this statement every time: suffering and death are always the outcomes.

So it is today. That is the destination we are accelerating toward. The entrenched politicians have set our course for death and destruction.   You can be sure they have contingency plans to survive and thrive.  And those plans don’t include We the People.

Central government politicians have bankrupted the country. All that remains is the actual collapse. The central government owns 47% of the West. Add state and local government ownership of land and it is apparent government has far too much control of what was once private property, land that might otherwise be put to productive use. Instead, it is mismanaged by government, supposedly preserved and protected, at enormous cost to taxpayers, rather than developed to create jobs and prosperity.

Federal elites through the Federal Reserve and the central banking system control the currency and its value. Through massive bureaucracies, the state and federal governments control commerce, land, air, water, soil, agriculture, mining, manufacturing, transportation, you name it.  We live in an age when massive bureaucracies are massively armed as well, prepared for the final confrontation, the continuous existence of this monster bureaucracy the only goal.  Fifteen thousand IRS agents mustered to enforce ObamaCare should be a sober reminder.

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And now, thanks to the chaos he created, President Obama wants to develop and install a federal police force coordinated with globalists at the U.N.  to control people from top knot to toenails.  He is selling this as a move toward security, to deter ‘extremists.’  (Not jihadists mind you. The extremists he would control: traditional Americans.)  In fact, Obama’s national/international police force is a move to cede more American sovereignty to a developing world government, a move away from security.  If elected, Hillary Clinton in league with Attorney General Loretta Lynch will make sure the Feds and the U.N. run your local police department.  The phony BLM movement to demonize local police is all part of the plan.  Jihadists are glad to help, and Obama is glad to have them.

There are universal principles existent in the world that cannot be violated without severe consequence. One of those principles: the larger the government, the more powerful the central government, the less liberty enjoyed by citizens, the less freedom for the individual, his enslavement inevitable.  Another principle: the less virtuous the individual, the more mayhem and lawlessness, and the more necessary a police state required to maintain order.  Thus, Obama and Clinton and Lynch actually love the mayhem.  It gives them an excuse to seize more authority and power and exercise more control, flipping the switch to kick in martial law, if necessary.

As our Founders believed, the truth is our constitutional form of government cannot work unless Americans are virtuous, self-controlled, self-sacrificing, servant-hearted, other-oriented. This is true for a simple reason: only virtuous people can sufficiently overcome selfishness to become more concerned about protecting the liberty of others.  Self-government cannot operate unless you have like-minded citizens volunteering to be responsible, other-oriented, and duty bound to the preservation of liberty.  And all of that is dependent upon values originating and sustained by our Judeo-Christian traditions.  Destroy those traditions in the hearts and minds of Americans, as Stalin and Alinsky stated, and you destroy America, the lifelong dreams of people like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, both Alinsky disciples.

Year by year, starting in the early 60s, the Left and Jihad have been steadily successful in destroying those traditions. The constant erosion of virtue has resulted in the systematic destruction of our principles, our traditions, our institutions, our trust in our beliefs, and in one another.

Consequently, today most Americans can’t tell you how the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are linked. They can’t even tell you why we celebrate Independence Day.  Therefore, they have no idea what it takes to establish and preserve liberty.  In fact, we have become a nation of selfish people, a people who despise virtue, pagans worshipping self, people focused only on satisfying greed and base instincts.  The rule of law is being destroyed and with it, orderly society, Western civilization itself, the last defense against barbarism.

When Americans in enormous numbers applaud the murder of police, we have lowered the country to an animalistic state, welcoming the law of the jungle.

When we celebrate the increasing power of government over every aspect of life without even recognizing the tightening noose of tyranny around our necks, we’ve surrendered all God-given rights to the designs of dictators.

When we demand government provide for us from birth to death, we have forfeited life for a few crumbs from the elitists’ table.

When we mock God, encourage lawlessness, indulge ourselves and wantonly embrace every evil under the sun, there can be no reasonable expectation other than complete disaster.

America is in crisis because we no longer agree on central principles, we do not trust one another, we do not trust government officials, and we do not trust our institutions. Ultimately, deep disagreement and distrust are the result of rejecting the God of love.  We either return to Him, or suffer the consequences.

“As political philosophy derives its sanction from ethics, and ethics from the truth of religion, it is only by returning to the eternal source of truth that we can hope for any social organization which will not, to its ultimate destruction, ignore some essential aspect of reality. The term ‘democracy,’ as I have said again and again, does not contain enough positive content to stand alone against the forces that you dislike––it can easily be transformed by them. If you will not have God (and He is a jealous God) you should pay your respects to Hitler or Stalin.”   – T.S. Eliot

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