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Over the years, I have spoken with numerous radio guests who invariably portray President Obama in one of two ways. In their opinion, he is either crazy or crazy like a fox. Regardless of their difference of opinion on what motivates the man, they all agree he will go down in history as one of the worst presidents in every category imaginable including national security, the economy, race relations, and adherence to the Constitution.

Personally, I used to liken Mr. Obama to the second coming of Jimmy Carter, who, I have to admit, I voted for. I have since been apologizing to Jimmy Carter. Mr. Carter may have fumbled in many of the same ways as does Mr. Obama; however, I believe Mr. Carter was a good man simply in over his head. Moreover, I have never had any reason to believe that Mr. Carter was dishonest with himself or our nation. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for Barack Obama.

So, there is one camp that believes that Mr. Obama suffers from a severe case of narcissistic personality disorder with illusions of grandeur and perfection. This causes him to actually believe he is handling our foreign affairs with great aplomb despite the emergence of the Russia/China/Iran axis. Of course Russia is once again rattling sabers in Europe and the Middle East. China is slowly but surely taking over the Far East. And, Iran is poised to become the dominant power in the Middle East. We alone could have stopped them but there was no way because there was no will to do so.

Despite all this, our oblivious president claims the world is a safer place today than when he was elected to office. He also believes race relations are better post-Ferguson and the emergence of “black lives matter” and the war on cops. He believes the economy is healthy once again despite the fact that nearly 100 million people have dropped out of the workforce and one-third of millennials are still living at home, stuck in underemployment and foregoing marriage because they can’t find career jobs.

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Moreover, constitutional law scholar Obama believes he can fix anything by simply picking up either his phone or pen, meaning the other two branches of government are irrelevant to his agenda as it affects our military, the regulatory climate, government appointments, and international accords. He is borrowing us into oblivion with the help of a complicit Congress and he will never admit that Obamacare is a complete and utter disaster.

Now let’s discuss the view that Mr. Obama is crazy like a fox.

Mr. Obama’s world view is that the history of America is one of supremacy forged by aggression and greed. He believes this to be true of the power of white people in our country and institutions, of our corporations in the world market, and our military on the world stage. More precisely, he believes that our supremacy is directly responsible for keeping the poor in poverty, and the entire world’s underclass in a position of perpetual weakness.

He firmly believes that whatever he can do to weaken our influence, hegemony and wealth, will actually help the world’s poor and disadvantaged. He believes that by sinking America, all the other boats will rise and the world will be a better place because there will be more equality and less advantages for the few and fortunate.

Of course, he can never tell the American people that these are his real goals so he fakes and deceives the people and our institutions by portraying, presenting and projecting a form of denial and deception having to do with the consequences of his policies, values and agenda.

First published at the Santa Barbara News Press

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