Pope Francis’ Well Wishees Kill 166 Wound 155 in First Week of Ramadan

Pope Francis made controversial headlines when he extended warmest wishes to Muslims for Ramadan.

Many criticized Pope Francis, stating that Ramadan is when Muslims tend to escalate their attacks on others, especially Christians.

It turns out that during the first week of Ramadan, there have been more than 30 attacks in more than 10 countries that have left 166 dead and another 155 injured.

Ramadan, for the religion of so-called peace, is celebrated as a time that doubly rewards martyrdom and acts of holy jihad.

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Breitbart – Ramadan Rage 2019: Jihadis Kill 165, Wound 145 In First Week – Islamic terrorists, mainly the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL), carried out more than 30 attacks in over ten countries during the first week of the ongoing holy month of Ramadan, killing at least 166 people and injuring 155 others, a Breitbart News count shows.

That means, so far, jihadis have killed an average of 24 people and injured 22 others each day during the first week of the holy month.

In 2019, Ramadan, a time when Islamic extremists believe Allah doubly rewards martyrdom and jihad, began at sunset on May 5 and is expected to last through sundown on June 4.

Breitbart News’ count excludes attacks that took place on May 5. This week, the Ramadan death toll covers 33 incidents that took place in ten countries between May 6 and 12: Afghanistan, Benin, Burkina Faso, Iraq, Pakistan, Kenya, Somalia, Libya, Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Syria…

Considering the nature of Ramadan and what it represents to Islamic extremists, some believe that when Pope Francis wished Muslims well for Ramadan that he was committing an act of religious treason.

I understand that Scripture tells us to love our enemies, but is well wishing those who are bound to kill as many Christians as possible for the sake of a pagan religion and act of biblical love or foolishness?

One Catholic was wondering if the College of Cardinals had any power to impeach the Pope over his actions.

In trying to find a current graphic for this post, I discovered that very few media outlets have been reporting on the Ramadan terrorist attacks, which speaks volumes.



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