Poll Says Trump Trump’s Bernie if Election Now

The next presidential election is less than 2 years away and already, polls are being taken to determine who are the favorites and who aren’t.

Most of the polls you hear about on the news are those taken by very liberal pollsters in heavily Democratic areas, so naturally they are very skewed to the left.

However, from one of the fairer polls, it seems that socialism is not quite there to take out President Donald Trump.

The poll, although close, still had Trump leading Bernie Sanders 47% to 44%.

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The National Sentinel – Sorry, Bernie, no socialism, please: Trump tops Sanders in head-to-head survey – Socialist Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is taking care of business in terms of fundraising among Donkey Party voters, bringing in millions more dollars than his closest declared rival in a field of candidates that seems to grow by the day.

But in a new Rasmussen Reports survey, Leftist enthusiasm for a candidate who honeymooned in Moscow during the Cold War doesn’t carry him past POTUS Donald Trump. The polling firm reports that POTUS tops Sanders 47 – 44 percent if the election were held today.

Here’s the exact wording of the question: “If the presidential race in 2020 was between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, who would you vote for?” The margin of error was plus-minus 1.5 percent, so the president’s lead was double that.

However, in a matchup against former Vice President Joe Biden, POTUS doesn’t fare so well: Rasmussen found that Biden would top Trump by a larger margin, 49 – 44 percent, or a five-point margin, well over the 1.5 percent margin of error…

The ironic part is how well Sanders has been duping brainwashed socialist around the country.

He often talks about how the wealthy are the bad guys, but he doesn’t mention that he is a multimillionaire who owns more than one home.

Sanders talks about a redistribution of wealth, but it doesn’t appear that he has been redistributing his own wealth to those less fortunate.

Bernie Sanders is a typical socialist hypocrite who wants to continue to live his life of luxury by the sweat of the people.

Sanders is nothing more than a socialist predator ready to prey upon millions of gullible suckers.



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