Poll: Public Support Drops for Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

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By Charlie Butts

OneNewsNow – Americans may be tiring of homosexual activists, a new poll on same-sex “marriage” suggests.

A Fox news poll shows more Americans now oppose same-sex “marriage” than support it, though the numbers are still close.

The poll found that 47 percent oppose legalizing same-sex marriage while 44 percent support legally redefining it, with nine percent unsure, LifeSiteNews.com reported.

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The findings were included in a far-ranging poll that asked Americans about Obama’s job performance, ISIS, and Ebola, among other topics.

LifeSiteNews pointed out that is the second poll in recent months that showed declining support. A poll conducted by Pew Research shows a five-point drop in support since 2010.

Matt Barber, a constitutional attorney and founder of Barbwire.com, says the public is getting tired of unelected judges overturning state constitutional marriage amendments that people had voted for.

More than that, he adds, Americans are recognizing that sanctioning “sexual immorality” means pitting the government against the free exercise of religion.  Just a few examples are businesses – photographers, bakers, and bed and breakfast owners – who have been punished by government for refusing to accommodate same-gender “marriage.”

The latest example is the mayor of Houston, a lesbian, issuing subpoenas for sermons from pastors unrelated to a lawsuit against the city.

Barber tells OneNewsNow: “As more states recognize so-called same-sex marriage, and more people are persecuted in the work place and in places of small business being told that they have to abandon the biblical position on marriage and sexual morality, the more we are going to see a loss of support for counterfeit same-sex marriage.”

Barber says the polls also show a disconnect between the judiciary and government and the people they are supposed to serve.

Report via OneNewsNow

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