Poll: Colorado Voters ‘Good To Go On Grass’

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Coloradans are still flying high on their decision to legalize marijuana for adult use, according to a new poll by Quinnipiac University released on Monday.

In fact, the only groups that believe legal pot has been bad for the state are Republicans and older people. Republicans disapprove of the new law 63-28 percent, as do 62-28 percent of those over 65.

Overall, Colorado voters support the new law 54-43 percent with nearly half of those polled admitting that they’ve tried marijuana. However, only 15 percent said they’ve tried it since Jan. 1, when the state allowed marijuana to be sold from licensed retail stores.

Amendment 64 passed in 2012 by a margin of 55-44 percent.

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Despite continued support for legal marijuana, voters aren’t too keen on politicians who utilize the new law. Fifty-two percent said they would be less likely to vote for a candidate who tokes up two to three times per week, with only 3 percent saying they’d be more likely to vote for him or her. Forty-three percent said it wouldn’t make any difference.

A majority of voters also said they believe legal pot has not made driving more dangerous and that taxpayers will save “a significant amount of money” by not having to enforce prohibitive marijuana laws. But by a convincing margin of 68-21 percent, they said the new law will not reduce instances of racially-biased arrests.

“Colorado voters are generally good to go on grass, across the spectrum, from personal freedom to its taxpayer benefits to its positive impact on the criminal justice system,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University poll, in a statement.

“But if you are a politician, think twice before smokin’ them if you got ’em,” he said.

By an even greater margin, 61-33 percent, Colorado voters support allowing same-sex couples to marry. Again, only old folks and Republicans oppose gay marriage, by 48-44 percent and 58-34 percent, respectively.

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