Please Be Polite to Progressives While They Destroy Us

Progressives continue escalating their attacks against their enemies, particularly Christians. And there is no sign anyone plans to stop them. Worse yet, there still seems to be quite a few people with the mindset that we should be civil and polite to them as they destroy us.

Two recent, big headlines came from the United Kingdom and the United States respectively. In the U.K., the government and doctors removed life support, starved, and basically tortured a baby to death, doing so while preventing his desperate parents from saving his life. All this happened because progressives have instituted state-run “health care” in the U.K., and so British subjects no longer have a say over if they live or die.

Meanwhile, in the U.S., California is working on banning anyone from helping people to turn away from deviant sexual behavior. In other words, California is poised to criminalize Christianity and attempts to reject sin.

As always, there are no surprises with these latest acts of evil. The point-of-no-return came years ago. The only shocking thing is that we have professing Christians who act as if aggressively confronting this divide is unconscionable.

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The combination of progressives mainstreaming evil and Christians demanding that we be polite in responding to it should make us passionately mad; righteously angry, if you will. And if anyone counter-argues that it shouldn’t, then I have to ask: why, then, would anything anger us any longer? Or put another way: if current events aren’t cause to make us righteously angry, why should we care about anything any longer?

After all, if a civilization that has legalized the torture and murder of children doesn’t infuriate you, what will? If a society that is criminalizing turning away from sin, that has legalized “sex-changing” children while harassing kids who play with finger guns, that has destroyed marriage, and that is dead set on removing your ability to pay for your own health care so it can decide when it wants to murder you doesn’t cause you to see that we are facing raw evil, then I can’t see anything that will.

So while many people, including those calling themselves Christians, weep and tear their clothing at the “crass” objections to progressivism, I’m going in a different direction. I’m saying we haven’t been nearly uncivil or impolite enough with progressives. We shouldn’t be playing nice with evil people who want to destroy us. We should be passionately fighting back with an unwavering desire to legally defeat them.

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