Plans for Complete Takeover of Healthcare by Federal Government Begin

The Affordable Care Act was supposed to control and lower healthcare costs and extend access to healthcare for all of America.

At least, that is what Democrats tried to get the American people to believe, but it was all a lies as they knew it would drive healthcare costs even higher and reduce access to healthcare and medical treatments.

The real purpose of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was to force a national socialist program on all of America.

It took less than 2 years before Obamacare began to fail miserably.

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Since America’s first mandatory socialist program failed, some Democrats are determined to do it again, only time to make it far more expansive and costly.

The National Sentinel – Top Dem to propose COMPLETE govt. takeover of healthcare after his party’s massive Obamacare fail – There is a saying that goes, “If at first, you don’t succeed try, try again.” But it shouldn’t necessarily apply to our healthcare system, especially after Obamacare’s massive shortcomings.

And yet, a top Democrat wants to double- and triple-down on that epic fail by proposing a complete government takeover of all healthcare via a “Medicare-for-all” scheme that will not only be unaffordably expensive, it will spell the end of the American healthcare system as a high-end commodity.

As The Washington Examiner reports:

House Budget Committee Chairman John Yarmuth, D-Ky., has asked the Congressional Budget Office to analyze the effects of shifting all healthcare costs onto the federal government, a first step toward the “Medicare for all” legislation sought by progressives…

Mind you to understand just how accurate the Congressional Budget Office really is, consider that they predicted that over 26 million Americans would sign up for Obamacare when only about 16 million really did sign up.

Also consider that when Sen. Bernie Sanders began pushing for free Medicare for all that experts calculated that it would cost the federal government about $30 trillion over the first 10 years or $3 trillion a year.

The enter US budget is less than $4 trillion, so figure that a government takeover of the healthcare system will probably double taxes or more, meaning there is NOTHING free about it.

Also understand that national healthcare is steadily failing in Canada and Great Britain and is driving pregnant women to leave Venezuela to seek medical care in Colombia.



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