Planned Parenthood Teaching the Class? Who’s in for the Sex Ed Sit out?

Warning: Graphic content.

Who would want a porn star teaching kids’ sex ed? Try Planned Parenthood. America’s biggest abortion group is teaming up with groups like the ACLU for a nationwide effort that would put one of the most graphic curriculums in classrooms — without parents ever finding out. And moms everywhere are saying enough!

If you have children in public schools — or know friends who do — there’s a good possibility that these groups are already on the move to get their model legislation approved in your local districts. As usual, they’re working quietly, behind the scenes, to keep parents out of the loop. But that’ll be harder to do now that moms like Elizabeth Johnston are sounding the alarm. Yesterday, on “Washington Watch,” she explained how these organizations are creeping into grades as young as kindergarten with lessons that would make most adults blush.

Would you believe that groups like the Human Rights Campaign, a radical, leftist LGBT organization, and Planned Parenthood are working in concert together and sneaking into the schools — claiming to be abstinence-only education. And do you know what they consider ‘abstinence-only’ to be? Teaching kids how to masturbate with each other and engage in oral and anal sex. Not to mention that the Human Rights Campaign, of course, is encouraging kids to question their gender through ‘anti-bullying’ programs.

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And parents don’t know this is taking place! They are very sneaky with the language, they change the names of the programs so that they can’t trace the programs… This is outrageous, and we aren’t going to stand for it. Our kids’ innocence is not for sale.

Unfortunately, too many school administrators think it is. They see the funding dangled in front of their faces — the bait these organizations use to push their propaganda — and agree to use the radical curriculum. “There’s no transparency with the parents and downright deception being employed on the part of school administrators,” Johnston explained. “Parents can’t opt their kids out of these sex-ed and anti-bullying programs if they don’t know it’s happening in the first place!” Not to mention, she explains, it doesn’t stop with health class. This indoctrination is “being rolled out across the whole curriculum. It’s not like it’s just a sex-ed course. We’re seeing these topics being discussed inside the history curriculum and the science and the math, for crying out loud! They’re talking about kids going to gay bars in word problems in math! And they’re calling it ‘comprehensive sex education… You can’t opt out if it’s rolled across the curriculum.”

This is exactly the strategy that liberal forces tried this week in Louisiana. They wanted to mandate a form of extreme sex-ed that included a whole grab bag of offensive topics from gender identity to sexual orientation. Fortunately, enough parents were outraged and motivated to do something about it. They put enough pressure on the legislature’s education committee that it was voted down 8-5 on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, not every state is so lucky. These curriculums are moving fast – and they’re coming in disguise. For Planned Parenthood, it’s all part of the business model. Where else do they get the next generation of abortion customers but by encouraging risky (and early) sex? They’ll call it whatever they have to, including things as innocuous-sounding as “family education policy.” Like most masters of deception, they’re careful about using terms that would tip anyone off about what’s really going on.

That ends now, Elizabeth says. She and her network of thousands of followers are hosting a nationwide protest on April 23 called a Sex Ed Sit-Out. If you’re sick of the sexualization of kids that takes place every day in classrooms around the country, join them. Keep your children home from public school and join the movement that says: We’re the taxpayers, we’re the parents, and you’re not allowed to pervert the minds of our children with your pornographic material! You can find all the information on the website,, including letters to give your principals, graphics, sign templates, and local events. For the whole scoop, don’t miss my interview with Activist Mommy, Elizabeth, and the real truth about sex education in America.

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Tony Perkins is president of the Washington, D.C.-based Family Research Council. He is a former member of the Louisiana legislature where he served for eight years, and he is recognized as a legislative pioneer for authoring measures like the nation’s first Covenant Marriage law. (Via FRC’s Washington Update. Tony Perkins’ Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC senior writers.)

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