Planned Parenthood Gives $20 Million to Hillary and Others

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If you need another reason to defund Planned Parenthood, well Planned Parenthood and its president Cecile Richards, has now just given it to the American people. What did she say?

Planned Parenthood is going to take $20 million to elect Hillary Clinton and other candidates that are pro-abortion. They said enough is enough and they’re going to take $20M for the 2016 campaign. If they have $20M to spend on political issues such as electing candidates to office, then why do they need a penny of taxpayer funds?

Mat Staver: Matt, a number of states are already considering, or have taken action to defund Planned Parenthood following these videos of undercover operations that have been conducted within the Planned Parenthood abortion facilities and organizations, showing the absolute calloused, disregard of human life with the butchery of Planned Parenthood.

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And there’s consideration of that in Washington D.C. as well. But now with Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood coming out and saying they’re actually taking $20 million — most organizations would love to have a $20 million total budget, that would be a pretty good sized organization –they’re taking $20 million and they’re going to put it into electing candidates to office that are pro-abortion.

Matt Barber: If the brutality and the selling of baby parts, the Nazi-esque dismembering and selling of baby parts, and whole live…babies that have been murdered was not enough to defund Planned Parenthood, try this on for size. The fact that we give them about a half a billion dollars per year in taxpayer funds and they’re funneling those funds to elect a pro-abort Democrat president? A pro-abort Democrat congress?

Well, that alone is reason to cut them off! The taxpayer dollars should not be used — and it’s all a shell game — the taxpayer dollars cannot, must not be used in a way that supports one party and one ideological position, the pro-abort position that is rooted in death… 

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