Pig Poop Perpetuating Hurricane Florence Deadly Impact

Thanks to modern technology, millions of people are now warned in advance of an approaching hurricane, giving them time to flee or take safety measures. This wasn’t true as true when I was a child.

A week in advance, the US East Coast was warned that Hurricane Florence would hit as a category 4 storm and it would cause lots of damage and flooding.

Thankfully, Florence weakened to a category 2 before making landfall, but it’s slow progression resulted in devastating and widespread flooding.

Most people see the muddy water and don’t think it’s all that bad to wade through, but consider that when this scale of flooding happens, it also floods the sewer and water treatment plants.

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In the case of Florence, the flood waters contain additional dangers from pig farms and piles of toxic coal ash.

(The Virginian-Pilot) – In sunnier times, Lake Sutton in North Carolina is a popular fishing spot. A visitors’ guide says anglers who head to the man-made lake “will likely reel in bass, beam, catfish and crappie from the on-site pier.”

But hopefully no coal ash.

Tropical Storm Florence has poured so much rain on the state that the wall of a coal ash landfill near the lake has failed in several places, washing away more than 2,000 cubic yards of toxic waste, enough to fill more than 150 dump trucks.

Duke Energy, which owns the adjacent power plant, said it doesn’t believe the landfill poses a risk to public health or the environment, according to spokeswoman Paige Sheehan. But it also dispatched dozens of workers and contractors with heavy equipment to construct an earthen berm that would divert the mix of water and coal ash away from the lake.

Kemp Burdette, an environmental advocate who monitors the health of the Cape Fear River, decided to see for himself. On Sunday, he pushed aside a Duke Energy barricade on a public road to put in his boat. His assessment? …

In other historical storms and flooding, the pig farm lagoons, the size of football fields that hold the pig poop and urine, were flooded and waste spread for miles and into estuaries.

The pig poop contamination was blamed as the cause of huge algae blooms and fish kills.

The contamination releases tons of nitrogen and phosphorus, which in turns causes huge algae blooms which in turns depletes oxygen in the water and kills fish.

So, it’s reported that at least seven of the pig poop lagoons have been flooded, causing the release of the putrid porcine poop, which can also contain parasites and cause other health issues.



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