Picking Up Trash and the Work of Civilization

The work of civilization can be as exalted as manning the barricades or writing a code of law, or as mundane as picking up trash on the sidewalk.

Twice a day, when I walk my dog, I retrieve wrappers, soda cans and other minor debris that litters the neighborhood. So far, there isn’t much, just a thing or two here or there.

I live in a typical middle-class neighborhood, the kind I grew up in, the kind I’ve lived in most of my life. Residents are polite, respectful and responsible.

But if the little things aren’t attended to, the natural process of decay sets in. First there’s trash in the street, then weeds that aren’t pulled, then the occasional broken window, then abandoned houses, then – Detroit.

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As the neighborhood goes, so goes the nation.

Society has metaphysical weeds too – unattended kids, fatherless families, denizens of the shadows, gangs, drugs, mental illness, homelessness, lawlessness, sloth, lethargy, people raised to expect something for nothing, rioters, illegal immigration and so on.

Civilization is a constant struggle of order (anchored in law) versus chaos. A society, a nation, is won or lost by the little things we do, or don’t do.

There’s a legion of litterers out there and a battalion of grownups locked in eternal struggle. At some point, we all have to choose sides.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I’ve personally seen how nice middle-class neighborhood  can change and what happens society allowed that neighborhood to transition from something safe and family-friendly to something dangerous and ugly.

How do I know?

I used to live in that neighborhood with my wife and two daughters, who used to play outside and walk to school.

My wife and I used to take evening walks around the neighborhood.

Then society allowed illegal aliens to stay in the United States and that was the beginning of the end of our nice, safe, family-friendly neighborhood.

It started with low-rent apartments just around the corner, where several illegal alien families lived.

Then one house in the neighborhood was bought and filled nearly 30 illegal aliens and before long, there was two, then three, then four and even more homes filled with illegal aliens.

The yards transformed from well kept to browned dead grass covered with trash.

Graffiti began to show up on block fences and then on houses.

Within 10 years, that entire section of town went from the nice safe family-friendly community to a dangerous crime-ridden trashy looking community.

Even the local grocery store changed owners and became a Spanish-speaking only store with bars on the windows and door.

A family member who then worked for the police department told me that it wasn’t even safe to drive through my old neighborhood.

It’s no coincidence that as what happened to my old neighborhood has been happening to the nation.

America was once a safe and family-friendly nation, but thanks to people and politicians who have lost the values our nation was founded upon and who have allowed their liberalness to transform our nation into a trashy, crime-infested and ugly nation.

Unless our American civilization returns to the foundational values and ethics of our Founding Fathers, all will soon be lost.

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Don Feder is a former Boston Herald writer who is now a political/communications consultant. He also maintains his own website, DonFeder.com.

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