Persecution a ‘Mute’ Point at Obama White House

By Tony Perkins

As Iraqi Christians fled Mosul this weekend, the horror of having to leave home because of one’s faith was met with the further indignity of being stripped of all but the clothes on their backs. The jihadists of ISIS forced out the last remaining Christians whose legacy in Mosul goes back to the very origins of Christianity. According to early church history it was two of Jesus’ original disciples that carried the gospel to what we know today as Iraq. Not only are the Christians being driven from their homes — when fleeing families reached checkpoints out of the city, they were told to get out of their cars and leave all their money and possessions behind. The generosity of the ISIS extremists extended only as far as allowing them to keep what they were wearing — after they had removed any jewelry, of course. An entire city purged of Christians.

So far, the response from the Obama White House has been consistent with its standard practice when Christians are the target of persecution: silence. Even the United Nations Security Council has weighed in, condemning the persecution of Christians in Iraq. Can’t the White House at the very least offer a simple condemnation? The only response from the administration since the expulsion of Christians occurred yesterday at a State Department press briefing where a spokesperson gave a fumbling answer to the press which merely referred to last week’s statement about ISIS. A reporter’s question, “So you’re currently not doing anything?” was met with, “I can check and see specifically. I just don’t know.”

As I told Megyn Kelly last night on Fox News, President Obama has been silent continuously when Christians have been persecuted. The administration is more concerned about offending Islamic states and Islamic nations than they are defending the longstanding policy that American has always had: that religious freedom is a human right, not just an American right.

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To watch the rest of my interview with Megyn Kelly last night, click below:

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