Pentagon Shifts $1 Billion to Border Wall After House Fails to Override Trump’s Veto

House Democrats, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, drew the line in the dirt when it came to funding President Trump’s promised border wall and they were not about to cross it and considered it to be a sufficient barrier to stop Trump.

After shutting down the government and Democrats’ continued refusal to fund the building of the border wall, Trump was left with no alternative but to declare a national emergency that would allow him to defer funding from the Pentagon that would be used to build the border wall.

Democrats, with the help of Trump-hating RINOs, passed a measure to block Trump’s executive emergency declaration, which Trump promptly vetoed.

The House tried to scrape up the two-thirds vote necessary to override Trump’s veto, but they failed and the Pentagon began shifting funds for the construction of the border wall.

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The National Sentinel – House fails to override POTUS veto of bill blocking emergency border declaration; Pentagon shifts $1 billion for wall – POTUS Donald Trump vowed he would win the showdown with Congress over its initial rejection of his declaration of an emergency along the U.S.-Mexico border and he did.

On Wednesday, the House failed to override his veto on a vote of 248 in favor with 181 against, failing to reach the necessary two-thirds threshold required by the Constitution (14 Republicans voted with all Democrats).

If the House had not sustained the veto, then the Senate – where Republicans are in control — likely would have done so also. Most political analysts projected that the Senate could not achieve a two-thirds majority to override either.

Now that the national emergency has been sustained, the Pentagon has received its marching orders from the Commander-in-Chief, transferring $1 billion from various accounts to the Department of Homeland Security so construction on 57 miles of new 18-foot border wall can begin…

With record numbers of illegal aliens trying to cross the border and with a huge illegal drug trafficking problem, Democrats continue to say there is no crisis or national emergency.

DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen testified before Congress, telling them that there is a border crisis that does pose a national emergency.

Brandon Judd, head of the union representing the Border Patrol, testified before Congress telling them there is a national emergency and crisis at the border.

Many border residents have tried to tell members of Congress about the crisis at the border, but Democrats believe that obtaining millions of illegal votes from illegal aliens is more important than the huge economic and social impact of the millions of illegal aliens in and coming into the United States.



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