Pennsylvania College that’s Not ‘Diverse’ Enough Has a Female, Lesbian President

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Students at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pa. are accusing the school of discrimination and a lack of so-called diversity. And while this mimics the type of chaos being encouraged throughout the nation there is a unique aspect about this story: Dickinson College is led by its first female, lesbian president.

Carlisle is a relatively small borough in southcentral Pennsylvania. Nevertheless, it remains an important town since it’s the Cumberland County seat and home to three separate colleges. And while you still might hear any number of people describe Carlisle and southcentral Pennsylvania as “conservative” they really no longer are. They have pockets of what people consider conservatism but they are increasingly moving left like the rest of the nation. A Nov. 19 article by The Patriot-News provides an example of this. The article reports on Dickinson College students whining about the school not having enough non-white, non-normalsexual, non-whatever people.

The demonstrating students said the administration has failed to address issues brought to their attention pertaining to racial minorities as well as minorities such as transgender and international students.

Whining students in southcentral Pennsylvania is an important enough story by itself and so I tweeted the article to Dave Huber, assistant editor of The College Fix. The higher education news site subsequently wrote about it on Nov. 21.

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Later, however, I looked through the comments of The Patriot-News article and discovered the story is even more interesting after I read the following by “desiderata.”

The “new” Dickinson College president is the first female, the first Jew and the first lesbian to hold the post. Ask her about feeling marginalized. If she can’t fix this problem on campus, maybe there isn’t one.

So I did a little research and verified, by way of an August 2013 article from The Patriot-News, that the current Dickinson College president is the first lesbian and first female president of the school.

Not only is she the school’s first female president; Roseman is Dickinson’s first openly gay, top leader.

Yet this is irrelevant to the agitators at Dickinson College. In fact, The Patriot-News reported on Nov. 24 that Roseman is encouraging what is happening.

The Dickinson College president also isn’t shying away from any backlash on campus. Instead, she said she welcomes all the student voices.

“We need to hear them. We can’t move forward without their energy,” she said.

The root of some of that energy – when some students say they’ve experienced racism and homophobia – is sad and disturbing, but it’s an opportunity for change, Roseman said.

Regrettably, none of this is surprising. America has fundamentally changed and those who have changed it are radicals in ways that many people still do not understand. And one of the basic things everyone should know about them is that their revolution will never end. No matter how much power they get they never will be satisfied. Even when they are in charge of institutions they and their followers will always be victims and they will always demand more.

So if you think we’ve reached the height of fundamental transformation, think again. There is plenty more to come.

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