Pennsylvania Bill Will Help Save Down Syndrome Babies From Abortion

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On Friday July 18th, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett signed the Down Syndrome Prenatal Education Act or otherwise known as Chloe’s Law.  The bill is named after 11-year-old Chloe Kondrich who has Down syndrome and together with her family have become advocates for other children and families effected by Down syndrome.

The law requires health care providers to provide supportive information about Down syndrome after a woman receives a prenatal diagnosis. Many unborn babies tested as having Down syndrome are aborted. One study suggests 90% of all pregnancies where the unborn child is given a diagnosis of Down syndrome end in abortion.

Chloe’s Law gives women and families information to let them know that abortion is not the only option and that there are resources available.

According to the Pennsylvania Family Institute:

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Chloe’s Law would aid parents in their decision making process. It would simply make available up-to-date, evidence-based information about Down Syndrome that has been reviewed by medical experts and national Down Syndrome organizations.  The information would include physical, developmental, educational and psychosocial outcomes; life expectancy; clinical course; intellectual and functional development; treatment options; and contact information for First Call programs, support services, hotlines specific to Down Syndrome, relevant resource centers, clearinghouses and national and local Down Syndrome organizations.”

Kurt and Margie Kondrich, parents of Chloe, understand first-hand the emotional and physical demands of a child with Down syndrome which have led them in their advocacy efforts. Mrs. Kondrich stated, “I don’t want any expectant mother to feel that pain or confusion when they get a prenatal diagnosis. I want this law to give women hope. Chloe was a blessing.”

The legislation passed with a bipartisan vote of 50-0 in the Senate and 196-4 in the House. Chloe Kondrich stood next to Gov. Corbett as he signed the bill.

Finally, a bill that affirms the sanctity of life and gives hope as an option instead of abortion!

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