Pelosi Wants to Lower the Voting Age to 16

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to lower the federal voting age to 16. Why not 14 or even 7?  For the Democrats, voters can’t be too ignorant and feckless.

The Democrats currently promote voting by non-English speakers (what do you think bi-lingual ballots are about?), ex-felons, voters without identification, non-citizens and illegal aliens.

Polls have shown that a significant percentage of high school students:

  • Can’t place the Civil War within 50 years
  • Don’t know who America’s allies were in World War II
  • Don’t know that the First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech
  • Think there should be an exemption from First Amendment’s protection for so-called hate speech
  • Haven’t heard about the Second Amendment and the constitutional guarantee of the individual right to keep and bear arms
  • Are onboard with the left’s agenda – gun confiscation, the Green New Deal (repeal the Industrial Revolution), open borders, higher taxes on the “1%” (repeal prosperity) etc.

Many will adopt a more realistic perspective as they grow up, get jobs and begin raising families. That’s why Pelosi wants ‘em young and stupid.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Prior posts have shown how America’s public education system has been actively brainwashing or indoctrinating kids to believe in socialism.

Nearly half of millennials now believe that socialism is better that capitalism and free enterprise, the systems that made America a great and prosperous nation.

I’ve seen textbooks that teach that America is the enemy of the world and the main cause for poverty around the world. The textbook taught globalism over American patriotism. In fact, the one textbook really pushed a one-world government like the socialist one the United Nations is trying to establish.

Over the past decade, I heard from a number of students of all grades where they said that their teachers pushed support for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. One young lady said her school held their own election in 2008 and the teacher showed the young students how to vote for Obama. When one student insisted on voting for McCain, the teacher scolded the student and forced him to vote for Obama.

This is why Pelosi wants to lower the voting age to 16 because she believes that the socialist indoctrination of America’s students would ensure a Democratic victory in regaining control over the senate and White House.

Now consider that Pelosi and most Democrats also support raising the minimum age for purchasing a firearm from 18 to 21. They don’t support lowering the age limit for drinking alcohol or serving in the military, just for voting.

That means that in the eyes of Democrats, 16-year-olds are not mature enough or responsible enough to purchase a firearm, serve in the military, drink alcohol or even get married, but suddenly they are mature and responsible enough to vote for those who will govern our cities, counties, states and country.


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