Pelosi Seeking Credit for Fulfilling Trump Campaign Promise?

When Donald Trump was running for president in 2016, one of his campaign promises was to pass a $1 trillion infrastructure package to fix the decaying highways, bridges and docks in America.

Democrats claimed such an expenditure was too outrageous and unaffordable.

Democrats fought against any thought of passing such a tremendous cost to fix America’s crumbling infrastructure.

Suddenly House Squeaker Nancy Pelosi is offering to work WITH President Trump to pass a infrastructure bill that would allocate at least $1 trillion and up to $2 trillion.

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One has to wonder if she will then take credit for fulfilling one of Trump’s campaign promises?

Washington Examiner – Pelosi seeks up to $2T infrastructure deal with Trump – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she will seek a deal with President Trump to pass legislation that includes at least $1 trillion, but up to $2 trillion, for the nation’s infrastructure projects.

“I think we can work together,” Pelosi, D-Calif., said Thursday at an annual planning retreat with her caucus in suburban Washington, D.C. “I’m optimistic. Left to his own devices, I think the president would be agreeable to these things.”

Pelosi announced she will “meet soon” with the president “to talk about what the number will be.”

Pelosi told reporters, who asked her about a price tag for the massive undertaking, that “It has to be $1 trillion, I’d like it to be closer to $2 trillion.” …

As underhanded and delusional as Pelosi is, it would not be surprising to see her try to take full credit if such an infrastructure bill does pass Congress.

Another thing to point out is that Democrats have been quick to criticize Trump for any hint of increasing the national deficit.

Yet now, Pelosi wants to push a bill that would push the US debt even higher.

Or, is it possible that Pelosi will help push such a bill just force Republicans to kill their tax cuts and even raise taxes, thus making Trump and Republicans look like the bad guys and Pelosi as the heroine.



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