Pelosi & Schumer Accused of Treason by Angel Mom

In May 2014, Mesa, Arizona Police Sgt. Brandon Mendoza was killed when his patrol car was struck head on by another vehicle.

The driver in the other vehicle was drunk and an illegal alien with a criminal record.

He was driving the wrong way on the road when he collided with and killed Officer Mendoza.

Today, Mendoza’s mother, Mary Ann Mendoza, is accusing Sen. Church Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi of treason for placing the rights of illegal aliens over the safety of American citizens by not providing funding for a border wall and increased border security.

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Her accusation came in response to the murder of California police officer Ronil Singh by another illegal alien.

Steadfast And Loyal – ANGEL MOM ACCUSES PELOSI AND SCHUMER OF TREASONOUS ACTS – The mother of a cop who was killed by an illegal alien drunk driver in 2014 is giving Pelosi and Schumer an earful, accusing them of treason for refusing to make money available for border security, including the wall.

Mary Ann Mendoza is speaking up again after the murder of police officer Ronil Singh. She is accusing Democrats of putting the rights of illegal aliens above the safety of American citizens. That’s because they don’t hate illegal aliens.

#AngelMom Mary Ann Mendoza @mamendoza480 drops MOAB!
“I look at Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer that they’re actually committing treasonous acts against the American people, when they’re putting illegal aliens’ rights & their protection ahead of their fellow American Citizens.”

AngelMom Mary Ann Mendoza @mamendoza480 destroys the politicians who allow our slaughter.

“The American people are going to start bringing suits against them for the crimes they’re committing against Americans by not protecting us – and that’s the oath they took.”
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There are thousands of Americans who have been victimized by illegal aliens.

Imagine the impact if they banded together, marched on Washington DC and testified before Congress.

Better yet, they should band together and bring legal action against Schumer, Pelosi and every other Democrat in Congress, charging them with treason and wrongful deaths of American citizens.

Perhaps that is what it will take to force Congress and the courts to take action to secure our borders and protect the American people.


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