Pelosi Declares Constitution in Crisis 3 Years Too Late

For 8 years, Barack Obama did everything he could to violate the US Constitution and many federal laws.

Obama defied and bypassed Congress.

Obama defied the courts.

Obama used executive privilege to protect his Attorney General who was implicated in Operation Fast Furious.

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Obama willfully chose to not enforce federal laws – immigrations and the Defense of Marriage Act.

Obama willfully engaged in the targeting of conservatives.

Yet, when Donald Trump has the guts to do what’s right America and the American people, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suddenly wakes up from her senile snooze and declares that the nation is in a constitutional crisis.

The New York Times (#3 in fake news) – Pelosi Declares Nation Is in a ‘Constitutional Crisis’ – Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that the United States was in a “constitutional crisis” and warned that House Democrats might move to hold more Trump administration officials in contempt of Congress if they continued their refusals to comply with committee subpoenas.

Speaking to reporters in the Capitol, Ms. Pelosi said she agreed with Representative Jerrold Nadler, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, who said Wednesday that the nation was in a constitutional crisis after his committee recommended the House hold Attorney General William P. Barr in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over an unredacted version of the special counsel’s report, along with the report’s underlying evidence.

“The administration has decided they are not going to honor their oath of office,” she said.

Ms. Pelosi said Democrats would bring the contempt citation to the floor for a vote of the full House “when we are ready.” …

Once again, Pelosi is a few years too late and few brain cells shy of a fully cognitive human.

Her Democratic blindness, coupled with her obvious signs of some form of dementia is impairing Pelosi’s ability to properly function in an honest and reputable manner.

The constitutional crisis, for the most part ended on January 3, 2017, but with Democrats in control of the House, part of the crisis is still alive and growing.



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