Patriots Owner Kraft Charged in Human Trafficking – Prostitution Investigation

The New England Patriots in the NFL are much like the New York Yankees in baseball in that you either really like them or really hate them.

A large part of that is due to their winning records, as the Patriots once again won the Super Bowl, giving them a record of 6 championships.

Part of it is also due to Quarterback Tom Brady and his infamous Deflate-Gate scandal.

The Patriots are owned by billionaire businessman Robert Kraft.

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On Tuesday, Kraft was charged along with 24 others with soliciting to commit prostitution.

The charge comes from an investigation into human trafficking and prostitution.

WPTV – New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft charged as a ‘john’ in human trafficking/prostitution investigation – In his Tuesday news conference about a major human trafficking investigation , Martin County Sheriff William Snyder said about 100 men would be arrested.

When asked about prominent people or celebrities, Snyder said, “There will be a newsmaker in this one.”

That newsmaker is Robert Kraft, billionaire businessman and owner of the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots.

On Friday, Jupiter Police Chief Daniel Kerr confirmed to WPTV that Kraft is one of 25 men being charged with soliciting another to commit prostitution.

He confirmed that there is video evidence of all of the men being charged.

When asked if he was surprised about the arrest of Kraft, Chief Kerr said, “We’re as deeply stunned as anyone else.” …

The question some are already asking is if the NFL will take any action against Kraft, up to and including stripping him of his ownership of the Patriots?

If you recall, Bruce Levenson was stripped of his co-ownership of the Atlanta Hawks NBA team.

Donald Sterling was also stripped of his ownership of the LA Clippers NBA team.

Patriots’ fans are mostly likely rushing to Kraft’s defense, while many others are hoping he loses his team and that new ownership will lead to the end of the Patriots’ dominance.



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