Pastors and Churches Must Speak Up

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Pastors and churches all over America must speak up at this critical time. The future of America is literally hanging in the balance.

Mat Staver: Matt, this upcoming election is, we always say it’s the most important election, but really I think this one is the most important election. Each one of these elections in the past couple of cycles have been critical to our future. The 2008 election, the 2012 election. And you see how much damage has been done, at least at the national head of the ticket, with regards to President Barack Obama. Now we’re facing another four years of decision, which way the country’s going to go, not just at the presidential level but at Congress’s level, at the state legislative levels, at the governor level of all the different states, at the local level as well.

These are critical times in America and frankly the identity, the future, the heart and soul of America is hanging in the balance.

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Matt Barber: Yea, there’s a…as you know, Mat…a toothless law on the books since 1954 — the Johnson Amendment, which presumes to muzzle — intimidate and try to muzzle pastors from the pulpit. And this Johnson Amendment has been at the forefront in this election, certainly with one candidate supporting it… 

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