Paris Tragedy Grips the World

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The tragedy that occurred in Paris has gripped the world with respect to its barbarity and the assault of Islam on the West and the free world.

Mat Staver: Matt this obviously is a tragedy that you see people around the world becoming unified with France, mourning the loss of so many people whose lives were innocently taken, violently taken by these radical Islamic extremists. And you see some of the world’s leaders coming together. Obviously you have our own president, who still cannot find the word “Islam” in his vocabulary. He calls it radical extremist or ideological extremists or terror. But he doesn’t refer to it in the context of Islam and it’s pretty obvious from everyone in the world, except for this president because he seems to be an Islamic supporter or sympathizer obviously.

And he can’t use that in his phrase, but the fact of the matter is, not only are we seeing a tragedy in France, but we’re going to see a tragedy in the United States with all of the Syrian refugees which the President recently said he still wants to welcome them in the numbers of hundreds of thousands into the United States, while really frankly limiting the number of Christians that are coming from these places of terror.

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Matt Barber: Well, we’re already seeing that a so-called Syrian refugee has already gone missing in Louisiana. We’ve seen that this president in the press conference after the Paris attacks, even his sycophants in the mainstream media had their jaws agape as he said the Islamic State is not Islamic. He just kinda cavalierly addressed this and said it would just be business as usual, we’re not going to change our strategy.

In fact we’re going to import hundreds of thousands of Syrian “refugees” while the Drudge Report reported the other day that they’ve brought in 53 Christian refugees. So Christians who are actually being persecuted and slaughtered in the Middle East have a door slammed in their face by this president, yet he’s going to bring in potential ISIS terrorists by the thousands! It’s absolutely…you wonder is it incompetence or is it intentional? 

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