Paris Burning in 3rd Week of Protests

In France, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands, a protest movement has gained a lot of popularity.

Protesters call themselves the Gilets Jaunes, yellow jackets or yellow vests.

They adopted the highly reflective yellow vests as a symbol because many countries in Europe require drivers to have them in their cars, causing the yellow vests to be plentiful and cheap.

The protest movement started over the increasing price of diesel fuel and has grown to include the growing cost of living and increased taxes.

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For the third straight week, protesters have taken to the streets and roads in France, blocking traffic.

In Paris, numerous fires have been started in the streets, covering the city with smoke and the smell of burning.

Breitbart – Paris in Flames: Violence, ‘Insurrection’ in Third Week of Yellow Jacket Protests – In the third straight week of protests by the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Jackets) movement, hundreds of protestors were arrested as violence and arson took place across the country with smoke blanketing the Paris skyline in what has been called an “insurrection”.

While protests took place across France, much of the violence and arson took place in the French capital in what was seen as a further escalation of violence from the previous protest last Saturday.

According to French broadcaster BFMTV, more than 287 people were arrested in Paris alone, many of them arrested at the Place de l’Étoile/Place Charles De Gaulle, the location of the iconic Arc de Triomphe where much of the clashes between members of the police and the Yellow Jackets took place…

Like what often happens here in the US, the increased violence and fires associated with the Yellow Jacket protests are not being caused by real protesters but by vandals who use the disguise of the protests to just wreak havoc and destroy things for the fun or sake of it.

And like here in the US, the number of senseless violent vandals have increased in direct proportion to how Godless the country becomes.

The growing number of violent actions and protests worldwide are the symptoms of what is happening to a world that rejects the One who Made them.



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