Parents: Watch For These Red Flags at School

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As summer winds down, kids don their backpacks and jump on school buses once more. Yet few parents realize what’s about to descend on those innocent heads.

While your children frolicked at the lake, visited Grandma and sang songs at summer camp, the leaders of America’s education system prepared more essential “LGBT” lessons to infuse into the hearts of Chloe, Emma and James. Most will be packed with insidious, Christ-less lies that present great risk to every child’s medical, social and spiritual future.

Grassroots efforts by frustrated parents are trying to eject the leftist Common Core standards, but meanwhile, educators are being pressured to get that “gay” subject in front of as many kids as possible. Consulting the essential wisdom of the Huffington Post “Gay Voices”page, we learn that one high-school social studies teacher who just “came out” as homosexual last year is determined to weave homosexual themes into the classroom wherever possible. His method will be to assume a boy might not be heterosexual, for instance. So when chatting with a male student about dating, he will refer to his possible girlfriend or boyfriend, to make him feel more comfortable.

But what if he is straight, as most boys are (or should be)? This overheard conversation will cause speculation by other students about that student’s sexual proclivities. Good plan, teacher! Put our boys on the spot. Start rumors. Fuel adolescent insecurities. But it’s all for the greater cause of deceptively painting the “gay” identity with glorious rainbow colors, and not in the blackness of sin it deserves.

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That same student may be forced to read literature that normalizes homosexuality. The National Education Association’s New Business Item 51, passed at its recent Denver annual meeting, directs the union to publish a list of books about what they term “LGBTQ and gender non-conforming themes.” This augments the trend toward lessons about actual or imagined homosexuals in social studies curricula, called “gay history.” The primary event on the timeline of an honest history of homosexuality would start with Genesis 19, Sodom and Gomorrah. That’s not going to happen anytime soon.

It may be up to parents to prepare children ahead of time. No, Abraham Lincoln was not a homosexual and, yes, Oscar Wilde was and he even had relations with boys. And yes, that is still illegal.

California has been mandating such indoctrination for several years as the left-coast state continues to tutor youth with fables spun by the powerful pink lobby. Harvey Milk, who also had open relations with teen boys, is a martyr recognized with his own day of honor in California schools. The truth is, homosexuality didn’t play a part in his murder by a political rival, and one of Milk’s friends was cultist/mass murderer Jim Jones, who even provided workers for Milk’s political campaigns. Still, the facts don’t matter – the narrative does.

This is the kind of unchallenged nonsense typical of “gay”-oriented lessons in school. The smart parent will seek a responsible faith-based alternative, or else be prepared to teach constantly against the curriculum and its wicked indoctrination. Yet the sad reality is that your children may still decide to believe the school, not you.

The hypocrisy is breathtaking. Just as school reconvenes, here comes “Banned Books Week,” Sept. 21 to 27, the contrived observance by the far-left American Library Association which has the essential theme that nothing, nothing in media, hurts children, unless it’s a book critical of homosexuality, abortion or upholding the truth of Scripture. Or possibly advocating the right of Israel to defend itself.

Otherwise, any image, idea or scenario produced by adults motivated by perversion/greed/notoriety/atheism/anarchism should be available to inquiring young minds, because there’s never an ill effect on children. This is an odd position that would seem to nullify the value of books in general. But then there’s also the strong possibility that perversion/atheism, etc. are qualities some adults want children to develop.

One book recently published by a homosexual man “married” to “his husband” and sure to show up in school libraries is called “The Princes and the Treasure.”It promotes homosexual relationships and same-sex “marriage.” The ALA is surely ecstatic over this book but routinely bypasses conservative titles while still claiming to oppose book banning.

Yes, “religious right zealots” do try to shield children from tales about adult-child sex, homosexual cruising, parental-directed venom or demons on parade. How about we attempt to reduce depression/panic attacks/suicide attempts/eating disorders/drug abuse among youth stimulated at least in part by dark, loveless, godless media content? We Christians are just so weird.

Another thing we conservatives would really appreciate is medically accurate sex education. Or how about none at all, and we will take care of this at home, thank you very much? That doesn’t sit well with most of today’s blush-free educators. In Hawaii, a brave state legislator, Bob McDermott, took on the Department of Education last year. The “Pono Choices” sex-ed curriculum was exposed for its errors and radical agenda and was removed from schools. McDermott did not tackle the problem on the basis of ideology alone, however.

“We don’t get into debates about morality or religious conviction; we go after medical inaccuracy and misrepresentation of facts,” said McDermott in a press release.

The lessons would have taught children as young as middle school, for instance, that the anus is a genital. The high risk of anal sex was also being concealed, a medical reality that would not come as a surprise to HIV-infected homosexual males and public health professionals.

So, this year if you really would rather your son or daughter not be taught that homosexuality is inborn, that it’s no big deal, and that the Bible’s instruction against homosexuality is wrong, hateful, or dismissible, watch for the presence of these “gay agenda” elements at your child’s school:

1) “Gay” history, which attempts to normalize, exalt and sometimes invent the homosexual preferences of famous historical figures. Whatever other talents these folks possessed, they would always have done better without any “gay” behavior.

2)“LGBT” advocacy disguised as “civil rights.” It’s not hateful, but constructive, to question homosexual behavior or gender confusion, and this vicious, deceitful movement is nothing like race relations.

3) Same-sex families being portrayed as a normal, uncontroversial variation in stories or lessons, even in math class. “Jenna and her dads bought milk. How many cups are in a gallon?”

4)“Health” education that smoothly advocates homosexuality but fails to note the 30,000 new HIV cases among male homosexuals each year in the U.S., and that the rate among the youth segment alone has more than doubled in the past decade. HIV is not “everyone’s” disease, condoms are unreliable and abstinence remains the best option.

5) “Gay”-straight alliances as legitimate school clubs, whose existence creates the false impression that homosexuality and gender change are acceptable. Educate your children that, while unkind behavior is off limits, none of these students should be engaging in these behaviors and these students are not a different category of human. True equality is that in God’s eyes; He expects the same avoidance of sin from them as He does from all of us.

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