Palestinians Send 450 Rockets into Israel

Most Democrats in the United States continue to oppose the US funding, aid and alliance with Israel.

While denouncing Israel, US Democrats have fully supported the Palestinians and their claim to land conquered and owned by Israel.

Over the weekend, Palestinian militants launched over 450 rockets into Israeli held territory.

Israel retaliated with about 220 rockets sent back into the Palestinian territory.

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The rocket exchanges are the most intense in recent time, leading some to speculate on how much more the fighting will escalate.

Yet, you can be assured that even though this latest barrage was started by the Palestinians, US Democrats will still blame Israel, just like they blame Trump for many of their own crimes.

BBC News – Gaza conflict: Rocket barrage and Israeli strikes intensify – Israel and militants in the Gaza Strip have stepped up their attacks on each other, in some of the most intense exchanges of recent years.

Palestinian militants have fired more than 450 rockets into Israeli territory over the weekend. Many were intercepted but three Israeli men have been killed.

Israel has hit about 220 targets in the Gaza Strip and threatened further “massive” strikes.

Gaza officials say eight Palestinians have been killed since Friday.

On Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he had ordered the military to “continue its massive strikes on terror elements in the Gaza Strip”.

Israeli forces around Gaza would be “stepped up with tank, artillery and infantry forces”, he added.

The flare-up comes despite a truce agreed last month. Egypt and the United Nations have recently been trying to broker a longer-term ceasefire…

Democrats here in the US say that Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza Strip rightfully belong to the Palestinians.

Muslims claim historical ownership even though their prophet Mohammad wasn’t born until many centuries AFTER the time of Moses and Joshua.

This is not surprising since most Democrats are biblically and historically ignorant of the fact that God gave that land to Israelites way back in the days of Moses and Joshua.



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