Overplaying the Racism Card

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Well this Hispanic has had it with some left-wing radicals’ constant cries of “racism” and “discrimination” to try to put their opponents on the defensive.  According to them, it’s the reason for everything, including how much snow we’ve had in the country this year — “Those darn conservatives just want everything around them to be white.”

Like the atheist who does nothing but obsess over the God whom he claims does not exist, these radicals’ most cherished weapon (many times their only weapon) is to cling to the racism they so desperately claim to oppose.  And it is the new “avant garde” way they are using these days that is most repugnant.

If you are going to call someone a racist, then do so, but make your case.  That’s the way they used to do it, taking responsibility for their charge.  But today they’ll say, “I’m not saying it is racist, but there is an element there. …”

How pathetic!

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And they get a kick out of it.  They do it with a smile on their faces.

But racism is no laughing matter.  You read Martin Luther King, Jr.’s, “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” or his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, and you are inspired.  You listen to today’s discourse, and you are ashamed.

This week, Bob Beckel of Fox News brought up Volkswagen’s history with the Nazis into a debate about a Tennessee plant rejecting the United Auto Workers’ pitch to unionize and the subsequent cries of racism.  But don’t misinterpret what he said; he wasn’t calling it racism.  “I’m blaming much more the culture,” he said.  Okay then.

Just a few weeks ago, MSNBC tweeted about the new Cheerios ad featuring a bi-racial family: “Maybe the rightwing will hate it, but everyone else will go awww: the adorable new #Cheerios ad w/ biracial family.”

Not surprisingly, outrage from bi-racial conservative families ensued, and their apology was just what we’ve come to expect: “Earlier, this account tweeted an offensive line about the new Cheerios ad. We deeply regret it. It does not reflect the position of msnbc.”

That’s the social media equivalent of “mistakes were made.”  You see, they didn’t say that, their official account did.  The incident came on the heels of Melissa Harris-Perry having to apologize for mocking Mitt Romney’s adopted black grandson.

But they are the progressive news organization that is fighting racism. *Cough, cough!*

When I first came to this country, George W. Bush and Al Gore were running for president, and I was told I needed to vote for Gore because “George Bush is a racist.”

There were no facts to support such a claim, but that doesn’t matter in the cultural climate these race baiters have created.  They are actually counting on people not getting all the facts and just going by a general sense of distrust based on the lies they spread.  The insinuation of racism is all they need.

Part of racism and discrimination comes from our own internal prejudices and preconceived notions of who other people are — a distorted view of reality and misinformation.  And these liberal radicals show just that when it comes to conservatives.  They exploit their own (and others’) preconceived, prejudicial, distorted views of who conservatives are and then prey on those assumptions for political gain.  “Of course, they’re all racists.”  Wait, no, it’s not that they’re racist, it’s that “there’s a racial component that can come into play.”

Fighting racism with racism is still racism.

They’ve gotten away with it for a while.  But as they keep overplaying that racism card, hopefully, more and more people will see right through it.

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Mario Díaz, Esq., serves as Concerned Women for America's (CWA) Legal Counsel. Mr. Diaz is a Constitutional Law expert who focuses on CWA's core issues: religious liberty, sanctity of human life, defense of the family, sexual exploitation, education, national sovereignty, and support for Israel. His columns appear regularly in a variety of publications, including The Washington Times, Human Events, WorldNetDaily, American Thinker and The Blaze.

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