‘Over The Line’: Even The DNC Blasts Liberal Website’s Attempt To Cast GOP Spokesman As Skinhead

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Democratic National Committee spokesman Mo Elleithee felt compelled to protect his Republican counterpart from a subtle yet indefensible attack by the liberal Talking Points Memo website, calling their dishonest attempt to suggest he is a skinhead “over the line.”

Like many other outlets, TPM published an account of the fiery Friday morning exchange between CNN anchor Carol Costello and RNC spokesman Sean Spicer over the media’s treatment of Republicans in the wake of rancher Cliven Bundy’s racist comments.

TPM used a slight variation of this image on their original story on the exchange between Spicer and Costello.

Why are we obsessing about Spicer’s hair? Check out the image TPM used while tweeting a link to the same article:

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RNC spokesman is furious the GOP has been lumped with Bundy (VIDEO): http://t.co/YzOjewcBWC pic.twitter.com/2fUyJQ4XFq

— Talking Points Memo (@TPM) April 25, 2014

NOT THE SAME HEAD OF HAIR. Not even close. Also no tie, but nice try. TPM clearly took this image of Spicer’s shaved head from an earlier, unspecified date.

Why go through the trouble to dig up an old picture, cleverly disguised with the same background, of the RNC communications director with almost no hair? Raffi Williams, press secretary for the RNC, thinks he knows the answer:

.@seanspicer shaved head for charity. @TPM uses photo to try and make him look like a white supremist. #RealClassy pic.twitter.com/FrXkiiQD3q

— Raffi Williams (@Raffiwilliams) April 25, 2014

Neo-nazi skinheads, with their completely shaved heads, are a major part of the white supremacist scene in America

Spicer, along with his then-counterpart at the DNC, shaved his head for a cancer charity after the 2012 election. TPM, Williams reasoned, must have dug up an old picture of Spicer sans-hairdo in order to imply the RNC spokesman is a white supremacist.

Amazingly, top DNC spokeswoman Mo Elleithee concurred:

Agree, over the line MT @Raffiwilliams: @seanspicer shaved head 4 charity. @TPM uses pic 2 look like white supremist pic.twitter.com/Wt0DKMwVpr

— Mo Elleithee (@MoElleithee) April 25, 2014

Williams was grateful for Elleithee’s condemnation of the shockingly underhanded slight. “Bipartisan agreement that @TPM went too far,” he tweeted in response. “Thanks Mo for supporting Spicer.”

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