Oscar-Lite On Bill-asphemy: Predictable Christian Compromisers

I expect godless people to behave in a reprehensible manner. And true to form a legion of atheists unleashed a tirade of hate mail in an effort to intimidate me because of last week’s column. Laughably they all insisted— while calling me every derogatory name possible — that they are the defenders of free speech. Their insatiable lust to slander and spread slurs prove only one point: They are children of the Devil who also slanders the people of God. For example, here is how one of Satan’s minion responded to my video:

Stick it up your a&# & pull the trigger. Your children will be recruited as we sodom*#@ the brains of your relatives. Your god is a rapist and mass murderer. Sit on that you prick. In fact, I can’t wait to f*#% your wife & sons. — rpauds@yahoo.com

But then Jesus said, “blessed are you when they persecute you and say all manner of evil against your for my name’s sake.” (Matt 5:10)

What is an entirely different matter, however, is the way so-called “Christians” responded, and it is to these people I write.

First, I did not condone or advocate for the physical torture of Bill-asphemous Maher. The headline was a question, not an assertion nor an affirmation of the penal sanctions for blasphemy.

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Second, the purpose of my piece was to expose the mealy-mouthed and utterly incomprehensible passivity of evangelicals in North America who don’t get upset when God is mocked in public. And boy how you proved me right!

Well, actually you proved me wrong — kind of. You proved that you actually can get worked up but over the wrong things and with the wrong person. Here was what I wrote:

I realize that many evangelicals will vilify me for publicly denouncing a guy like Maher. They’ll accuse me of haughtiness, arrogance, having an “unloving spirit.”  But I’m none of these things, which brings me to the crucial issue: there was a time when Christians would have unanimously condemn Maher. There was a time when a generation of believers actually believed in defending the honour of God.

I clearly hit the bull’s eye. Instead of getting righteously angry with Bill-asphemous Maher, many of you, like I predicted, decided to “rebuke” me. One guy named Oscar, claiming to be a Christian of 61 years, spent considerable time condemning me and insinuating that my faith was shaky.

Reading Oscar was so very instructive. His supporters — a cadre of online groupies calling themselves “gay Christians” — were praising his erudition and gracious manner. Do I hear “Bird of a feather?”

So for Oscar-lites I say again, I did not advocate for the physical torture of Bill-asphemous Maher. What I said was, and I quote:

Back when America took the honour of God seriously, here is how America would have dealt with the likes of Bill Maher.

I then went on go quote from the penal section of the Massachusetts Bay Colony’s law on blasphemy. My point was to show how extremely exercised Christians used to get over blasphemy, and by comparison demonstrate how far the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction.

Now, instead of getting exercised over blasphemy, Christians say nothing. And what makes this so much more egregious is that they have all the freedom in the world to speak up in the USA.

Furthermore, saying I advocate for the restoration of penal sanctions, like those in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, is a fabricated lie. What I said was I lament that America had struck down blasphemy laws, i.e. the principle. This is very different from saying I am upset that American no longer whips blasphemers like Maher.

In both Britain and Canada, for example, we still had blasphemy laws on the books no less then ten years ago. The penalties — the penal sanctions — were fines and possible imprisonment, not hangings and whippings, but this is beside the point.

So for the Oscar-lite-weights, what this means is that one can advocate for the law-principle, while not advocating for a particular type of punishment, which historically was left to the discretion of the courts.

At any rate you so-called Christians helped to prove my point perfectly. You do not care about God’s honour and yet you have the audacity to call yourselves Christians. Therefore I say again, America, and especially American Evangelicalism, is hanging on by a thin thread. Don’t be surprised if God sends an unlikely candidate to judge your lawless society. Just like he used the Babylonians in the past to judge apostate Israel, I don’t doubt for a monument that he will use a twisted distortion of Old Testament law — sharia law — to teach mealy-mouthed Americans what happens when you reject His righteous rule and law.

I am Tristan Emmanuel and I make no apology.

“You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain.” Ex. 20:7

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Tristan Emmanuel is director of development and contributing editor at BarbWire. He is also co-publisher and CFO of BarbWire Books - a publishing company dedicated to promoting both the biblical worldview and Christian and conservative authors. Emmanuel is CEO of www.TrumpTheMedia.com. He is also the author of two books Christophobia: The Real Reason Behind Hate Crimes Legislation and Warned: Canada’s Revolution Against Faith, Family and Freedom Threatens America. Emmanuel holds a Master’s of Theology from McMaster Divinity School. He also loves to sing classical music.
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