Opportunity for College Age Students to Visit Israel

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Covenant Journey is a lifetime opportunity for college age students to go to Israel the place of the birth of our faith, to learn about our faith, to be grounded more in our Christian faith and identity, and to learn about and fall in love with Israel.

Mat Staver: Matt, Liberty Counsel began what became Covenant Journey back in 2011…we’ve been working on it for a number of years since then and we launched the very first Covenant Journey trip at the end of 2014, beginning of 2015. We six trips, 288 people, about 80 colleges and universities represented. And now we’re taking the 7th trip. And this is Covenant Journey where I serve also as president. It’s a ministry that was founded and launched by, supported by Liberty Counsel.

But it’s Covenant Journey, and this Covenant Journey is for college age students who are Christians, have leadership potential, and have some level of support or interest for Israel. It’s a life-changing opportunity.

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Matt Barber: And as you mentioned, Mat, college students selected for the tour pay only $500 registration fee, everything else is covered by Covenant Journey including flights from New York to Tel Aviv, hotels, three meals a day, a luxury bus, experienced tour guide, speakers and all entrance fees…what an amazing, life-changing opportunity. \

And speaking with a number of students who have gone on this, the feedback that we always get is just tremendous. they literally, their lives are changed and it gives them an entirely different perspective on their faith, on Israel, on the political Zeitgeist of what’s happening over there in the Middle East…

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