An Open Letter to Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner

Barb Wire


By Denise Shick – BarbWire guest contributor

Dear Jenner,

Upon receiving the news that you plan to pose nude for Sports Illustrated magazine, I felt immediate sadness in my heart for not only you, but for your former wife and your daughters. I knew the heartache my mother faced in the loss of her husband to an invisible woman. I know the pain of losing a father to a figure of his imagination that only served the purpose to destroy him, and his family.

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My dad not only ‘felt’ as if he was a female, he had his stash of female porn that appeared in the attic of our home, the garage, and in his truck. For him, it pulled him further into the delusional world he lived in. As a young girl, I found my dad’s porn magazines filled with woman completely nude. I ‘felt’ no value in being a girl, and a young woman. I felt as if women were nothing more than an idol for men who wanted to sexualulize them, and men, who like my dad, wanted to be one of them.

I understood the connection porn provided through the pages, and encouraged his desires to be woman even more. It was as if the naked women created a powerful suction that only lured him further into his fantasy.

If my dad had the money you have and used it to look passable as a woman, and decided to pose naked as a woman, my heart would sink to the bottom. Not only to know he put himself all out there, but to think that he did not see the value of who he was. It also would have made me feel once again, it was all about him while not caring how this would affect my mother, my younger sister, or I.

In complete honesty, posing nude will not make you more of a woman. It only gives more of you away to world who will use you and dispose of you when someone younger, or better, comes along. One day, the cameras will stop flashing, the articles will no longer appear with your name on top, the media attention will stop, and you will be left alone.

I have to wonder if anyone is concerned about what happens to you then. Perhaps it is when this happens, that you will come to know the true value God holds for you. Hopefully it will be a time when your daughters will be able to sit with you, and know not only the value they have as your daughters, but that they loved by their dad.

On behalf of being a daughter of a transgender, I ask that you pause and rethink what you are about to do by posing and laying another piece of yourself out there for the world to see as you devalue yourself, and send a message to your daughters that posing nude is all there is to being a woman.

Please reconsider your plans of displaying your body so openly for all to see, for the sake of your daughters.

Please think about how this will impact each one of them.

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