One Last Victory for Trump and Republicans

Democrats have been dancing in the streets and salivating like a pack of wolves circled around a wounded animal, waiting to devour it.

Yes, they did gain control of the House and although they claim they want a working bipartisan government, they have already vowed to use their House control to block as much of Trump’s agenda as possible.

However, they failed to gain control of the Senate which in some ways is more important than controlling the House.

In fact, after this week’s runoff election in Mississippi, President Trump and Republicans claimed another victory by increasing their lead in the Senate as it was announced that Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith defeated her Democratic challenger Mike Espy.

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Fox News – Trump congratulates Hyde-Smith on her ‘big win’ in Mississippi’s special election – President Trump late Tuesday congratulated incumbent Republican Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith for handily defeating an insurgent challenge by Democrat Mike Espy in Mississippi’s contentious special election runoff to become the first woman ever elected to Congress from the state.

The GOP victory gives Republicans a net gain of two Senate seats in the midterm elections and a 53-47 advantage in the upper chamber, a margin that could prove critical in contentious confirmation battles to come.

Hyde-Smith, 59, is an ardent supporter of Trump who was appointed earlier this year by Mississippi’s governor to fill retiring Sen. Thad Cochran’s seat. She will finish out the remaining two years of Cochran’s term in the deep-red state that went for Trump by nearly 20 percentage points in the 2016 presidential election.

“Congratulations to Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith on your big WIN in the great state of Mississippi. We are all very proud of you!” Trump tweeted…

While Democrats will continue to celebrate in the House, they have to face the realization that they have no way to block any of President Trump’s nominations for federal judgeships.

If anything was to happen to Justices Ruth Bader-Ginsburg and/or Stephen Breyer, both in their 80s, Trump could easily replace them with conservative constitutional judges.

After the Kavanaugh fiasco, one would think that Democrats would realize how many were repulsed by their actions and not dare try anything similar to block any other Trump nominee.

But no one said Democrats were that smart.



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