On the Anniversary of the Pulse Shooting: The Real Tragedy

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The city of Orlando appears to have been permanently changed by the June 12, 2016 shooting at Pulse, a “gay” bar near downtown. Numerous signs, marquees and murals around the area still carry mottos like “Orlando Strong” and “Orlando United” which were adopted in response to the tragedy. Colorful tributes, in various forms, are all over downtown. The center of Orlando has been transformed into sort of a city-sized shrine — not so much to the victims of the shooting as to rainbow-colored “love” in general.

As tragic as the shooting was, it’s clear that the sympathy expressed towards those killed has largely been due to the fact that most of them were part of a politically correct “victim” class. It’s painfully obvious that, if most of the victims had not been “gay,” there would be considerably less emphasis on what group of people they represented. (Note how nothing was ever made of the fact that most of the victims were also Hispanic. Of course, their sexual preference was no more relevant than their ethnicity; it was only important in terms of political correctness.) Indeed, if there hadn’t been so many “gay” victims, there may have been far less public reaction to the shooting in general.

In the wake of the tragedy, the city (and much of the nation) hasn’t just mourned the death of 49 people; it’s also been led to express solidarity with the whole “gay” community, blissfully unaware of how unmerited such solidarity is.

And that’s where the real tragedy lies. People rightly mourn the death of a handful of “gay” men (among others), yet at the same time they encourage and support a lifestyle that harms and kills many, many more.

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Around the Orlando area there are billboards advising “gay” men to be tested for AIDS, to get treatment for AIDS, and to join support groups for AIDS. These demonstrate what many people know but many others stubbornly try to deny: that there’s a strong association between the typical male “gay” lifestyle and the risk of a deadly and incurable disease. What fewer people realize is that this risk is merely the most obvious and undeniable of the many problems with that lifestyle.

Even as “gay” men are urged to deal with AIDS, there is a conspicuous lack of encouragement for any of them to avoid the behavior that puts them at risk for it, much less for them to face the inner issues that drive that behavior. And if anyone so much as implies that something’s wrong with that behavior, or that it can and should be addressed, they are branded as being the worst of bigots.

In believing that homosexuality is simply about “love,” well-meaning people enable disease, death, and the endless pursuit of fulfillment where it can never be found.

Anyone could be expected to mourn an atrocity that resulted in the senseless destruction of 49 lives. But to do so while also celebrating a lifestyle that leads to far more destruction is, at best, woefully ignorant.

At worst, it is damnable hypocrisy.

This is a modified version of an article that originally appeared at Life and Liberty News.

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David Mann has been involved for many years in a Christian ministry for recovery from sexual addictions. As a freelance writer, he has also contributed to American Clarion/Dakota Voice and Life & Liberty News.
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