Olympic Gold Medalist Almaz Ayana: My ‘Doping’ is Jesus

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Olympic gold medalist Almaz Ayana is telling the world how she was able to break a 23-year-old world record in the 10,000 meters and she says it’s because of Jesus.

Ayana was barely off the track before fellow competitors began to accuse her of doping to win the event.

“I do not really believe that she is 100 percent,” said Sweden’s Sarah Lahti, according to the Swedish newspaper Expressen. “It is too easy for her.”

What makes it hard for some to believe is that no woman has run under 30 minutes in this event in the last seven years. Ayana ran  29:17:45,  a full 15 seconds under the previous world record.

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The runner from Ethiopia is already the world’s best in the 5000, but the 10,000 meter trek has its own challenges as it is a significantly longer race.

Ayana admits to having little experience in the race, but when asked to respond to the allegations, Ayana was ready with a surprising answer.

“I am crystal clear,” she said through a translator.

“No. 1, I’ve been training specifically (for this event). No. 2, I pray to the Lord. The Lord has given me everything, everything. And No. 3, my doping is Jesus. Those are the reasons.”

Report via CBN News

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