Olympian Michael Phelps: ‘This Is the Best Place I’ve Ever Been In My Whole Life’

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U.S. Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps is celebrating after earning his 23rd gold medal Saturday night in the 4×100-meter medley relay.

“It turned out pretty cool,”Phelps said after the race, “It just the perfect way to finish.”

As Phelps heads out of Rio, he walks away with five golds and one silver. No other Olympian has more than nine medals, Phelps has 28.

“I wouldn’t change anything,” he said. “This is the best place I’ve ever been in my life.”

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Just two years ago the gold winning medalist was in a much darker place. Phelps recently revealed that he suffered an identity crisis and wanted to end his life.

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“I thought the world would just be better off without me,” Phelps told ESPN. “I figured that was the best thing to do — just end my life.”

After a second DUI arrest in 2014 and an image surfacing of Phelps smoking from a bong, he said he felt his reputation was ruined and there was no way he could bounce back from those mistakes.

“This is the end of my life… How many times will I mess up? Maybe the world would be better without me,” Phelps remembered thinking.

But then Christian friend and NFL star Ray Lewis stepped with words of encouragement. Lewis, who made a comeback after a series legal troubles himself, told Phelps he could get his life on track.

“This is when we fight,” he told Phelps at the time. “This is when real character shows up. Don’t shut down. If you shut down we all lose.”

The 23-time medal winner entered a psychological trauma and addiction treatment center in October in 2015. While he was there, Lewis sent Phelps a copy of Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life.

Click play to hear Michael Phelps share how he got ready for his final race. 

Report via CBN News 

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